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DRwJL – We all have many personalities – per day!

July 24, 2024

As humans, we change our character personalities with the weather, music, television shows and so forth! We are complex people. Sometimes happy, melancholy or sad. Nice winds, the sun or even butterflies can change our perspective. This doesn’t end with a dementia diagnosis.

DRwJL – Amelia Schafer Shares Groundbreaking Idea

July 17, 2024

Today my guest is one of my best friends Amelia Schafer, who is the Area Director of Memory Care for Ascent Living Communities. She has an innovative project that has launched for people with various dementia’s who are not ready for a memory care yet and she wants to “Bridge” the gap so that they may live a purposeful life for as long as possible without a locked community binding their freedom.


DRwJL – Portraits of Dementia Exhibit is Insightful!

May 30, 2024

I had the extreme pleasure of having Joe Wallace on my show recently. Joe is a journalist and photographer who spent a significant amount of time capturing the stories and essence of people living with Alzheimer disease. His exhibit is traveling around the country and is breathtaking and powerful to view. Listen as Joe describes the process of meeting the participants, gaining their trust, and capturing their feelings about their journeys.

Portraits of Dementia is toured by ExhibitsUSA, the traveling exhibition program of Mid-America Arts Alliance, one of the six nonprofit regional arts organizations. Learn more about this exhibition at
ExhibitsUSA provides access to enriching arts and humanities experiences for communities of all sizes. To learn more about hosting an exhibition or to donate, visit
This exhibit date is for the Littleton, Colorado area only.

DRwJL – What does it take to have a dignified death w Alz

February 27, 2024

Many states have approved allowing people to transition their death in a way they want, if they have a terminal disease. However, this does not apply to people with dementia diseases. The reason is because the criteria includes someone being in their last six months of life, able to say they know what is happening and can give life ending medications themselves. None of this applies to my friends with a diagnosis. What can we do and who can help? Do laws need to change? I for one say yes!

DRwJL – Medication Management

June 20, 2023

Dispersing medication is one of the hardest tasks caregivers have to do. No one enjoys it! Let’s add changes in medication and we don’t know why our person is having symptoms we don’t recognize! Yikes!!!! What to do and how to determine what is causing the problems!!!