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Living with resilience is about overcoming obstacles and adversity to find positive outcomes. You may enjoy or feel uncomfortable with the avatars in the modules, but I promise the content will be packed full of strategies and techniques to help you navigate the often troublesome and heartbreaking journey of living with a dementia disease. So many clients have shared that they go to see a doctor to discover why their person is having cognitive and memory issues and walk out feeling like a person completely lost regarding what to do next. The families who participated in the focus group for this project say they felt like I was watching them in their homes. In these modules, I share real situations from families I have visited during in-home assessments, and the techniques I provide to help them maintain emotional stability, teach them how to make their home safer. I allow all concerned to express their feelings, acknowledging that everyone deserves to have a voice in the care process.



How long is each module?
Each module averages 22 minutes long.
How many times can I log in?
You will have a maximum of 3 times to log in so that you can go over the modules and retain what you have learned.
When is the best time to watch these modules?
Each module takes you through the beginning of the disease process through the late stages of many dementia diseases. I suggest you watch as soon as you see symptoms which are concerning.
What dementia diseases are being targeted in these modules?
The modules address Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Vascular, Lewy body and other dementia’s with memory and cognitive loss.
Are these modules meant for family or professional caregivers/care partners?
Both family and professionals can learn from these person-centered care practices.
If I want a certificate from the training am I able to receive one?
Anyone who takes the test at the end of the completed four modules and receives a score of 90% will receive a certificate of excellence.
Can I receive continuing education credits for this training?
• Email to discuss this options for groups of professionals before accessing the modules.
• There will be a cost for CEU’s, determined when option is discussed.
Can I receive a refund for the modules?
If you complete one module you will not be reimbursed for the package of four. You can reach out if you feel this suite of modules does not fit your needs before completion of that 1st module.