Summit Resilience Training

End-of Life Late Stage Training

As your loved one progresses with the Alzheimer stages, you can take an advanced class to prepare for the last few years of their life. You may have questions about what happens when cognitive ability declines to a non-vocal level, and changes begin to take a harsh turn. Your loved one may become too difficult to care for at home. Choosing a care community or homecare company can be overwhelming. Things you may need to know could include:

  • What questions do I ask of outside help? How do I find qualified people to assist me?
  • How do I help family members when my loved one doesn’t recognize them anymore?
  • Can I still have meaningful interactions when they no longer speak?
  • Eating changes including finger foods, pureed foods, feeding tubes?
  • Motor skills change and how do I keep my loved one healthy?
  • Everything has changed and my loved one is totally dependent on my care?
  • What is my resilience ability now and how do I grow with the changes of being a caregiver?
  • Are the legal and financial issues and wishes for my loved one in order?
  • Hospice – what is their role and do I need their help?

Late End Stage Class (4 hour) Cost – $125.00
Discounts available – Seniors (over 65) $75.00
Two or more family & friends rate $100.00 Each

Please contact Jill Lorentz at 303.999.1961 •

Our classes offer practical advice and encouragement to manage living with dementia in your environment. By the end of the instructional hands-on program, you will discover that your actions can, and will, affect your ability to cope, make good choices, and create positive outcomes for you and the one you love. In this course, we cover many topics of for family members who care for people with all dementia and dementia related diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, and Frontal Temporal.

Learn how to develop coping techniques through the stress of caring for someone with Dementia.

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