Welcome to the Bundles Page

Here you will find many of the questions we all ask when we love someone with dementia. The Bundles will guide you to everything you need to know in a one stop shop. When my Mama was living with memory loss, I searched the internet for hours to find some kind of guide for all my questions. If you have done the same, look no further. If you want more strategies and techniques for working with activities of daily living, and you will find most of what you need in the following BUNDLES. I am also working on a new book I hope to release in 2019 – My Caregiver Tips book. The book is a comprehensive compilation of a “I wish I had a guide for behaviors, managing emotions and what do I do with a person with dementia!” answer to your prayers. Pop over to the SHOP tab, and see what fun things you find there! More to come in the upcoming months! Enjoy the Bundles!

                                                                                      Jill Lorentz