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DRwJL – Modifying Troubling Dementia & Carepartner Behaviors

June 30th, 2020 I have decided to tackle troubling behaviors that arise when dealing with various forms of dementia. We often blame everything on the diagnosis and symptoms, but I want to explore how we as carepartners contribute to these behaviors and are completley unaware of the role that we play in this mess. Opening your mind and soul to the enlightenment that you can control some of the behaviors you see and are troubled by, is the first step to changing the trajectory. People with Alzheimer’s and various dementia’s feed off of the energy of the people and things around them. You get back what you give out and we cannot escape this. We cannot change the course of the disease but we can change our approaches and attitude. I will explain all of this in this podcast!

DRwJL – Getting through the Summer- Ideas for Safety & Fun

On this week of June 23rd, we have moved into the summer months! It is time to look at safety in the sun, Covid 19 fatigue, activites to keep you busy and more. I have a zillion idea for you, the person with diagnosis, and you the care partner!

DRwJL – Talking with Deb Jobe about her diagnosis of Posterior Cortical Atrophy/Alz

This week I had a lovely conversation with the most beautiful and interesting woman, Deb Jobe. Deb lives with her husband Jon in South Florida. She has been diagnosed with a rare variant of Alzheimer’s, Posterior Cortical Atrophy. It affects the back of the brain as well as the cerebral cortex surrounding the brain. Deb is just 53 years young with a lot of life to live! She will share her journey and what it is like to have visual dysfunction due to neurodegenerative disease (specifically PCA syndrome, and it can apply to Alzheimer’s disease, PD Dementia and Lewy Body Dementia). Deb is energetic, inspiring and totally awesome. Let’s all feed off of her infectious personality and drive for a happy, joyful life!

DRwJL – What is really going on in Care Communities during Covid 19

My guest today is Olivia Schmidt from Belleview Heights Alzheimer’s Special Care Community, owned by Sunshine Retirement. We had an indepth talk regarding what Nursing Homes/Care Communities are doing to keep residents safe, how they are trying to keep the virus from spreading, and what they are doing to reunite families with their loved ones. We also discuss person centered care and why it is so important for resident’s, their happiness and activities of daily living.

DRwJL – Pharma’s/Over Counter Drugs – What You Need to Know & What Happens When Combined

May 26, 2020 Ths is a long over due and much needed conversation as I discussed various medication with Pharmacist Ross Phan. She goes into depth about vaious household and allergy drugs we use, as well as pain killers, sleep aids, dementia drugs, and more! She also talk about medical marijuana and questions surrounding its efficacy. You are going to enjoy this show and I suspect you will learn a lot! Ross works directly with her clients and after taking a close look at the drugs you are taking, coupled with genetics, and can guide you to a safer way to utilize the system to most effectively keep you safe.

To contact Ross Phan:

Ross T. Phan
Founder | Pharmacist
P: 805-391-7974
F: 805-292-0281

“Thinking outside the pillbox”
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DRwJL – Addressing Fans Letters & Extremely Difficult Behaviors

May 19, 2020 I am using this opportunity this week to address the letters and emails from my #Caregivernation, regarding extremely hard situations that trouble them. It is distressing when you live or work with a person with a type of dementia which causes memory loss and cognitive impairment, and on top of it all, tenses run high, family dynamics add additional drama, and emotions run high. I will try to help all sides maneuver through this difficult terrain. Warning – this podcast may contain some offensive language.

DRwJL – What to Expect at the End of Life – Let’s Get Real!

May 12, 2020 This is a very candid conversation about everything you will need to know when your loved one with Alzheimer’s or other closely related dementia’s are in the activitely dying stage. My client’s generally just want the truth, I in no way want to skirt the issue and most definetly want you to know the truth so you can address all of the challenges that will arise.

DRwJL – Covid & Alz w/ Masks & Social Distancing ~How to Keep the Joy!

May 5th, 2020 I discuss the real struggle with the reopening of cities and having your person with dementia walking around with a mask on and having to social distance. How in the world do we explain this to a person who cannot learn new information and retain it, and will not be able to understance rules when jidgment and reasoning is impaired?

Also how do you stay joyful when tension is high and you are sturggling with your emotions, and the person with the diagnosis has lost their cognition abilities and feeds off of your energy?

DRwJL – Planning Ahead ~Are you prepared for the future with dementia?

April 29, 2020 A Candid conversation about the cost of living with various dementia’s from a financial and emotional impact. I get real about how to prepare and how we haven’t got a clue of the risk of not learning as much as you can, when to ask questions, how to do your research and more!