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DRwJL – Breathe – help is a few months away

December 29, 2022

This holiday season has shown you some things you didn’t want to see or know if you visited someone displaying signs of memory loss and cognitive impairment. Everything seems immediate! Let’s get help! What do we do 1st? Well, first – breathe! Doctor appointments are six months out, filing for Medicaid for the less fortunate takes months. Don’t get stressed out, I have some ideas for you!

DRwJL – Previously Recorded – Celebrating the Holidays with Music! Finding Christmas Spirit with Jill Lorentz

December 8, 2020 A few years ago my husband & I went into the studio to make our second Christmas CD, Finding Christmas Spirit and had a great time over the next seven months working on the music. Jim Played acoustic guitar and harmonicas, including a 40 year old bass harmonica once owned by his father, as well as sharing the vocals with me. His rendition of The Grinch is fabulous and a can’t miss! We played with a few other musicians, Brian Hunter (electric guitar, piano and drums) and Julia Harris on violin, helped to round out the musicians. We hope you enjoy this holiday show while you are wrapping presents, baking cookies, trimming the tree or whatever fun activity you have going on!

Happy Holidays & thanks for listening!

Jill & Jim

DRwJL – Holiday Discovery of New Dementia Symptoms

December 13, 2022

As we return home for the holidays, gather for family celebrations, some of you will encounter disturbing and confusing issues of memory loss and cognition. It can be helpful to listen to this podcast so as not to be overwhelmed. I hope to give you some guidance on what to do next; steps to take to address these issues.

DRwJL – Music Therapy Research Program for Sundowners

December 6, 2022

My guest in studio today is Sarah Thompson, a PHD student at the University of Colorado Anschutz in Denver. She is conducting a studio on music therapy and how it benefits people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and their care partners. She is looking for a team of 20 people for the study which begins in January. If you are interested, please contact Sarah as soon as possible to register.

To load music from Youtube, open the APP on your phone or tablet, then, on the lower right corner, you will see Library. Click library, the hit playlist. It will give you an option to create a new play list. Then hit the search magnifying glass at the top right to look for songs. When you find a song that works, touch the three dot bars on the right and it will ask if you want to save it to a playlist. TaDa! You’re done!

Sarah explains about the study:

Music processing stays intact during the Alzheimer’s disease process, even though language and other functions deteriorate. 

Based on this, I developed the first caregiver training program to teach caregivers how to use music to reduce sundowning. 

The whole study is remote and takes place online, via phone, and via Zoom. We are targeting home-based caregivers of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease who have sundowning behavior. No musical skill is required

For more information, please call
Sarah Thompson at 303-817-0231

DRwJL- Searching for Financial Documents & Other Info

November 29, 2022

When we are caring for a family member or friend, assisting with a dementia disease, sometimes asking questions about finances is tricky. This is personal information, and they may be suspicious why you are asking. Many people hide information throughout their homes, cars, safe deposit boxes and more. Where do you even begin to look? I address all of this and line out exactly what you need to look for and where.

DRwJL – Dr Amy Sanders joins me in studio

November 22,2022

Today my guest is Dr Amy Sanders, a neurologist based in Hartford, Connecticut. I found Amy as I was working on a project and searching for literature reviews. She worked with a large team to theorize better ways to work with their patients who need a clear diagnosis and path of success slated for their upcoming journey.