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DRwJL- Can We Detect Signs of Memory Loss in the Earliest Stage? Yes, and Here’s How!

This is a strategy show I recorded to look at how we can detect signs of memory loss in the mild cognitive impairment stage. I outline signs to look for and ways to protect your identity before it’ too late!

DRwJL – Families Feel Overwhelmed, Discouraged After Holidays After Facing Memory Loss

This week after the holidays are over and it’s January, I spoke about question I received over the holidays about wandering, and children learning about Alzheimer’s. I also discussed very important information on statistics of caver giving and how taxing it is on families

DRwJL 12.23.18 Spirituality Questions Arise After Dementia Diagnosis

December 23, 2018 My Guest is Ryan Khan – This month of holiday celebrations brings questions of faith, spirituality and more. People ask many questions when they are given a diagnosis of some type of dementia. Why me? Did I do something wrong; was I a bad person? Has God forgotten me? University of Colorado Staff Chaplain, Ryan Kahn helps explain different spiritual and cultural beliefs, and how they affect our thoughts on these matters.

DRwJL 12.18.18 Looking for Signs of Cognitive Impairment During the Holidays

This show, December 18,  was all about how to look for signs of cognitive impairment or memory loss in a loved one, especially during the holidays. I give many ideas on gifts for the caregiver, gifts for the person with impairment and communication skills. According to many listeners, one of my best shows of the year!

DRwJL – A Candid Conversation About Frontotemporal Degeneration with Dr. Peter Pressman

Frontotemporal Degeneration, a type of dementia, is a very difficult disease to live with for the person diagnosed and the person who lives with and/or loves them. Listen as I ask a leading expert in this field, Dr. Peter Pressman, Assistant Professor at the Alzheimer’s Rocky Mountain Disease Center Neurology  Department, to break it down for us and explain what is happening in the brain of the person with the disease.  This type of dementia affects behavior, motor skills and language, and changes the personality of the person diagnosed. For anyone living with this, you won’t want to miss this show!

DrwJL – Cultural Differences in the Way People/Families Live with Dementia’s – PT 2 with Dr. Medina

This is part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Luis Medina of the University of Colorado Neurology Department and Rocky Mountain Memory Disorders Clinic. We talked about the cultural differences in the way people live with and approach memory disorders.

DRwJL – Lewy Body Dementia – Living With & Working With This Tough Disease PT. 1

My guest’s today are Dr. Luis Medina from the University of Colorado Hospital Neurology Department & Deb Wells from the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado. We talked about Lewy Body dementia and other related disorders and the new approaches Dr. Medina and his team at University of Colorado Hospital are using with memory disorders.

DRwJL – Strategy Show Tips for A Peaceful Holiday Celebration When Dementia Is Present

I am getting this podcast out early from my radio show because I want all of you to have some tips for good communication wit your person with diagnosis. I have ideas for conversations, gift ideas fro the primary caregiver, gifts for the person diagnosed and ideas of gifts for the person with dementia to make for others. You will LOVE this show! It will definitely make you think about how to get through the holidays easier!  If you are home for the holidays and see that your loved one has memory loss, it may rock your soul. Check for expired food, their physical health, how much money they have spent recently, check the house to see if laundry is being done and if they have been showering.

Email me if you are concerned or have questions!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


DRwJL – What is Lewy Body Dementia and How is it Different Than Alzheimer’s?

Possibly one of my best shows! November 26, 2017 I spoke with Dr. Samantha Holden from University of Colorado about the differences between Lewy Body, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and Frontal Temporal dementia’s. I also talked with Deb Wells about her husband John’s journey with Lewy Body dementia. We talked about the way they are diagnosed and how medications interact with the various disease. In addition we spoke about research currently in process on these fronts.