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DRwJL – What kind of financial credit can you receive for being a Caregiver?

Klaralee Charlton is back and she will give us the yearly update on what we can receive credit for as a caregiver? Are you paying for care out of pocket in a care community or by bringing in homecare? What is okay to deduct and what isn’t? Also tax implications for selling homes? What if you don’t have your ducks in order? Klaralee answers our questions again this year and I am so thrilled to have my favorite attorney back in the studio with me!

Klaralee Charlton, J.D., LL.M.

Attorney | Estate Administration & Tax Division

Katz, Look & Onorato, P.C.

1120 Lincoln Street, #1100

Denver, Colorado 80203

(303) 832-1900


Licensed in Colorado and Montana


Disclosure: Please be advised that any U.S. federal tax advice contained in this communication (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code, or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any transaction or matter addressed herein.Attachments area

DRwJL – Year 3 is Here! Revisiting What is Dementia?

As I begin the 3rd year of my podcast I take a look at what the various dementia’s are, and explore what I cover on my show to educate the masses. I will continue to bring strategy and techniques to all of you to help you in your daily lives. I am grateful for this podcast so that I can visit you in your home to help explain how the brain is affected when it is impaired and share with you what symptoms you might see, and how to use good communication skills to work through adversity to help find a positive outcome, which is what resilience is all about!

DRwJL – Holidays are Over…Recognizing and Talking About Early Stage Dementia

This Show which comes after the holidays are over and families saw signs of possible memory and cognitive issues in a loved one while they were with loved ones over the holidays. Today , I am answering listeners questions about how to recognize early stage memory loss. You can see the early signs if you are observant to changes in someone’s personality and daily functions and how well they are performing in activities of daily living. Are they missing appointments, not learning new things, upset in social situations when they never used to? I will discuss how to recognize the clues and why a person who is beginning to show signs, might want to hide it.

DRwJL – Exploring December Holidays & How Spirituality is Affected by Dementia’s

December 23, 2019 My Guest is Ryan Khan – This month of holiday celebrations brings questions of faith, spirituality and more. People ask many questions when they are given a diagnosis of some type of dementia. Why me? Did I do something wrong; was I a bad person? Has God forgotten me? University of Colorado Staff Chaplain, Ryan Kahn helps explain different spiritual and cultural beliefs, and how they affect our thoughts on these matters.

DRwJL – New Research to Understand Alz Before it Starts!

My guest on December 17, 2019 is the awesome researcher Dr. Brianne Bettcher, PhD, Assistant Professor, Director of Neuropsychology Research at Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center and the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. We had a lovely conversation about some exciting research she is working on, and is looking for participants to join a clinical study she has created. Dr. Bri Bettcher would like people who are NOT SHOWING signs of memory loss to help her study aging habits of healthy adults 60 or older. She feels she can learn as much about memory loss from people who do not have Alzheimer’s as she does from people who do have Alzheimer’s. Below, Bri tells us about exactly what her study entails:

  • Building a healthy aging program (happy to discuss any aspect of why it is important to study aging adults with no memory symptoms)
    • focused on identifying earliest changes in the brain and body that might portend future decline
    • determining what individual factors offer protection against decline (e.g., what makes us resilient to decline)
    • major focus on the immune system
      • why it is important in normal aging and early Alzheimer’s
      • how it becomes dysregulated
      • at what stage it might be a focus for targeted therapeutics
      • the immune system has become a very hot topic in research- one of the more highly covered areas at the recent international Alzheimer’s Conference
  • New R01 study (Funded by the National Institute on Aging)
    • This is a 5-year study that aims to look at the role of inflammation in the body (measured in blood) and the brain (measured in spinal fluid) on Alzheimer’s disease biology and memory function in healthy older adults.
    • By looking at both blood and spinal fluid in tandem, we will be better able to understand how the immune system is changing and possibly communicating between the brain and body
    • We will be recruiting 180 healthy older adults, age 60 and over to come in for an initial evaluation and a subsequent evaluation 2-years later.
    • We will also be tracking immune health history factors, such as infections, surgical procedures, autoimmune conditions, etc.
    • If we meet our recruitment goals, we should be able to start seeing initial results in 3-4 years.

The first study involves two research visits over the course of two years at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Compensation provided. Procedures Include: Set of tests that assess memory, attention, behavior, and the other thinking skills. It also includes a questionnaire about your health history. A blood sample, spinal fluid sample and an MRI of your brain will also be given during the process. You may qualify if you are 60 years or older are in good health and have NOT been diagnosed with a memory disorder.

If you are interested in joining the study please contact Neurology Research Partners at 303-724-4644 or email NeurologyResearchPartners@ucdenver.edu to learn more and see if you qualify. Tell them you heard about this study on the Podcast Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorenz!

DRwJL – Holiday Show – Sharing My Christmas CD !

December 9 2019 Was such a fun day in the studio! I enjoyed playing DJ as I introduced the songs from my Christmas CD FINDING CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! My husband Jim and I created this CD for family & friends who enjoy our little concerts throughout the year and wanted to share the holiday spirt with all of you! If you would like to purchase the CD you can go to our website https://summitresiliencetraining.com/shop/ and we will send them to you for the holiday season! You can also download the songs on iTunes, apple, google play, iheart and more!

We wish all you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!!!

DRwJL – Ideas for a Peaceful Holiday Season when Dementia is Present

December 2, 2019 Strategy Show! Ideas for a peaceful holiday season when dementia or memory loss is present. I have ideas for how to talk to the person with diagnosis, gift ideas, communications techniques, holiday gathering ideas which will help everyone to be successful.

DRwJL – Frontal Temporal Degeneration – What You Need to Know!

November 18, 2019 my guest is Dr. Peter Pressman, a Neurologist from University of Colorado   who specializes in Frontotemporal Degeneration. This is the 4th leading type of dementia and it is devastating for families who live with this disease. Dr. pressman explains the disease thoroughly so that we can understand its cause and the symptoms.