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DRwJL – On Behalf of Tired Caregivers – Ways to Get Uninvolved Family Slackers to Help

On my show today I talked about how to get family members engaged in care of a person with dementia, when they generally refuse to help. This was in response to a blog I wrote earlier in the week (see Blog on different tab) where I called out family on behalf of lonely, tired caregivers everywhere. Today’s show was an effort to give them 50 easy ways to participate, even if they never physically visit. These ideas include using social media, and many terrific ideas that anyone can utilize.

DRwJL -Walk To End Alzheimer’s – Find A Walk Near You & Join The Fight

September 2, 2018 I had Rebecca Engle and Kristen Beatty on my show to talk about the Denver Walk to End Alzheimer’s and others, and why it is so fun to attend one in your area. We walk to share our journey with those who understand, but also to raise awareness and money for services and resources which families and friends desperately need. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s can be an enjoyable and moving experience in every city where it is held. They provide kids play areas, music, resources from vendors who work with various dementias and more. It is a chance for families to speak one on one with these folks in safe and non intimidating surroundings.  Find a Walk near you by signing up at

In Denver, Jill Lorentz will be at the Walk with Cruisin EZ 1430 am van and her company Summit Resilience Stop by and say hello and tell her your story of why you walk , and who you are walking in honor or memory of.

DRwJL – Tax Considerations – What Part of Care Can You Deduct?

My guest this week was Death and Tax Attorney, Klaralee Charlton. We talked about some of the top Tax Considerations for Aging Parents. Topics include whether a parent needs to file a tax return, how children can communicate with the IRS on a parent’s behalf, tax deductions for aging taxpayers, and how to deal with a parent’s home. Klaralee Charlton is a Shareholder with Katz, Look & Onorato, P.C. As part of her practice, Klaralee guides clients through the process of administering a loved one’s estate with a focus on minimizing estate and income tax liability. She also works with clients to ensure ongoing tax compliance and prepares estate and trust income tax returns annually. 303-832-1900

September 12, 2018 Portrait of a Beautiful Soul Workshop 14500 E. Belleview Ave. 6-7 pm

Bring your photos of your loved one to create a collage and conversation around their life before they had dementia. This will be a fun walk down memory lane! I had trouble remembering my Mama before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This realization made me think it would be interesting to review photos and memories pre-diagnosis for myself and others. If you want to join the workshop, you must RSVP to 303-690-0700 to reserve your spot!

Belleview Heights Alzheimer’s Special Care Center 14500 E. Belleview Ave. Aurora 80015 303-690-0700 or call Summit Resilience Training at 303-420-6988

DRwJL – How to Talk with Family About Finances, Their Health When Facing Dementia

My guests this week, were Steve Andrews & Becky Dieter from Senior Path. We had a great discussion on the need at times to have help with getting paperwork in order with an aging parent, spouse, friend. We sometimes need to uncover doctor’s names, addresses and phone numbers, medications, banking accounts and other financial information, and we have no idea where to look. Also, Senior Path helps families in the search for continuing care for Alzheimer’s regarding care communities, and senior housing and retirement living issues.

DRwJL – Why Are Hispanics & African Americans At A Higher Risk of Alzheimer’s?

This week, my guest was my dear friend and former colleague Rosalyn Reese, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado. We talked about the fact that African Americans have a 2% higher chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease and Latino communities 1.5% higher chance than Caucasian Americans. We also discussed why some cultures deal differently than others with this disease, keeping it quiet and never asking for help. We cannot forget our friends in the LGBT community if we want to show true inclusiveness. There is also a changing paradigm for caregiver stress. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s Is in many cities throughout the Summer & Fall and Telemundo is the media sponsor at many, in hopes of attracting more of the Mexican population.
The HELPLINE at the Alz Assoc is brought to you free of charge in 200 languages. 1-800-272-3900. One call, 1000’s of answers 200 languages.

DRwJL Calming Difficult Behaviors – Dementia Strategy Show

This week I presented a show on strategies and techniques for working with difficult behaviors. This pertains to our loved ones with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body and more. I discuss ways to redirect, stop unwanted reactions, and how to deal with hallucinations and delusions. I hope shows like this are extremely helpful to my listeners in #caregivernation!

DRwJL – People with Alz/Dementia Share What It’s Like to Live with Impairment

August 5, 2018 – I feel like this is one of my most important podcasts, as I share quotes from people with memory loss and cognitive impairment regarding what it is like to live with issues and activities of daily living. Their candid thoughts provide enormous insight into what it is like when you have trouble remembering, make mistakes, lose items, have trouble dressing, setting the table, seeing items, repetitive questions and much more!

DRwJL Intriquing Story of Saving the Life of an Abused Woman with Alzheimer’s

My guest this week, July 9, 2017, was Jen Romnes from Ontario, Canada. Jen has written two books: Entangled 1 Caught Between Choices and Entangled 2 Betrayed From Within. Jen Romnes has beat the odds more than once. Entangled’s pandemic themes have led her to present for international, national, and local audiences. Through her successful creative art business Muralfx, she has brought art to life that her clients have only dreamed of. Jen is happily married, enriching her home with her two daughters and a fluffy cat. Jen is working on changing laws to protect lose who are victimized by domestic abuse, and the rights of those who are living with Alzheimer’s. Her work has expanded the ability for next of kin to have the right to visit their loved ones at nursing homes, and to offer assistance in being allowed to be part of their care. Visit Jen at Entangled 1 & 2 for sale on Amazon or Freisen Bookstore