Summit Resilience Training

DRwJL – Parkinson’s Disease – what can we do?

July 27, 2021 There are always many understandable questions when people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. What control do we have over this disease and is there any way to stave off symptoms. I address this information and much more!

DRwJL – Early Stage Symptoms of Memory Loss

How do we know the difference between natural aging memory issues and cognitive loss with a more serious issue of dementia? I will talk about this today and help you navigate the road as it comes to you. patience, compassion and understanding will help everyone along this journey. Getting angry, upset and anxious will help no one. I am here for you!

DRwJL – Navigating Nursing Homes ~ How to find a great community for your loved one

Finding a good community to care for your loved one is anything but easy. Today I will walk you through all of the challenging decisions, and help you look for the best place to fit your person’s needs. How do you work with the staff? What will the separation be like? Are you breaking a promise? Let me help!

DRwJL – Spouses, Intimacy, Intellectual Conversations & Loss

The show this week is about the ever changing scope of love, loss, intimacy that is waning, and the loss of meaningful conversation as dementia progresses. For some, keeping the love alive is easier than it is for others. This is a deep conversation on the ever changing world of cognitive and memory loss and how it affects our relationships, especially for spouses.

DRwJL – Survival Mode is a Reality to Many

There are days when we feel like the universe is actively working against us. We cannot get help from professionals, families, and the disease itself is a bit of a nightmare. How do we manage when it all feels overwhelming? This is very real for so many of you and I understand. Let’s chat about this and have a real conversation!


DRwJL – Change Your Approach to Limit Delusions from Your Person with Dementia

June 8, 2021 – How do we keep our emotions from exploding when the person we are caring for, who has a dementia of some type, has a delusion that you are stealing from them, judging them. It feels mean, personal and quite confusing and annoying. This show will navigate how to change, the paradigm and get to a place of being supportive and kind, learning to act and not react.

DRwJL – As Caregiver’s We Are Time Keeper’s

June 1, 2021, When working with a person with memory loss and cognitive impairment, they often exhibit a phenomenon of moving back in time, acting out days and times of old, as these are the only memories that are still functioning. They will remember jobs they had in their 20’s, when they had children, childhood thoughts of the home they grew up in. We cannot communicate with them if we are not meeting them where they are. We need to accept that we may be looking at someone in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, who believe they are in their 30’s, 20’s or elementary school age. This show will help you figure out what their language is telling you if you are willing to listen and go there. It can be a wonderful walk down memory lane and will open lines of communication you never imagined was possible.

DRwJL – Mood Swings Reek Havoc for Caregiver’s & Friends with Diagnosis

May 25, 2021 – I am feeling relieved that masks are going away and things feel back to normal a bit. Why? The pandemic just added on to what we were already struggling with like mood changes, achy joints, anxious people, confusion and sometimes despair. We don’t realize how disruptive days of rain or snow can be. It can be hard to stay above the fray when emotions jump around and once someone is feeling blue or depressed, it can be crazy hard to get them out of it. What do we do? Well, I have some ideas for you!


DRwJL – Sleep Issues – Help For You

May 18, 2021 – Dementia issues can become severe when someone is up at night on and off. This is when falls can occur, scary visits to the mirror cause screams, everyone wakes up tired and cranky. What do we do? I am taking a fresh look at ways to address these issues and give you some techniques to try that you may not have thought of. Grab a pad and pen and something to drink, snuggle in and get some help for yourself. When your person experiencing dementia doesn’t sleep, no one gets any rest. This show is dedicated to helping to ease this problem!