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DRwJL – Dr. Zach Macchi Explores Ways to Incorporate Better Care for Early Stage Diagnosis -& for Caregivers!

November 24, 2020 – Exploring palliative care and the benefits of focusing on the person with a diagnosis, as well as their caregiver, so the whole family gets the help they need. My guest, Dr. Zach Macchi, is a Neurologist with the University of Colorado Hospital Memory Disorders Clinic in Denver. He is excited to explore the ways we can create a new frontier by integrating palliative care into the standard care of a patient receives. We need new approaches for looking at ways to educate clinicians, patients, caregivers, and look for models that support a palliative care approach. What this means is essentially addressing all of the needs and issues that contribute to a person’s quality of life, like symptom management, caregiver support, advanced care planning, discussions with the family, and making early decisions that aide in the person’s care. We need all these components to create a new successful approach as well as looking at the patient as a person, and not as the disease.

DRwJL – Financial & Legal Health Needs To Be Addressed

November 17, 2020 – The show today is full of information you will need to think about and address if someone you are caring for has a dementia disease. Short term memory loss starts as the 1st symptom when a person has Alzheimer’s, and with that is the loss of passwords for accounts, lost medications, account numbers for important issues such as bank accounts and so forth. It is important to have open conversations early on, so that the person with the diagnosis feels supported and secure. If this process isn’t addressed in the early stages, it becomes a point of strong contention later. Suspicion and fear will move in quickly. I have a lot to share with you today that may help.

DRwJL – Even with Covid ~ Ways to Have a Peaceful Holiday Season

Novmember 10, 2020 – Grab a pen and paper because I have a zillion ideas for all of you! The Covid19 has been stressful and difficult to maneuver through, but we will get through it and this show is designed to help!

DRwJL – Family & Friends Need To Work Together When Someone Has Dementia

November 3, 2020 – On this election day in USA, many of us are divided on who to support and what role we play in the dynamics of our individual roles. Families living with a loved one with some type of dementia, memory loss and cognitive impairment, are having this very challenge in the own homes. I have suggestions of ways to sort things out and get everyone working together!

DRwJL -Dr. Holden Explains Alz/Lewy/MCI and More

October 27, 2020 My guest today is Dr. Samantha Holden, Medical Director of the Memory Disorders Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Samantha works with people with many types of dementia, with a primary focus on Alzheimer’s and a specialty in Lewy Body dementia. She is also the Clinical Director of the UCH Research done in the Rocky Mountain Center for Dementia. Dr. Holden is a wealth of knowledge and answers the tough questions regarding what all these dementia’s are, and how people are affected when there is a diagnosis. It is always a joy to have her on the show and this is a must listen for my #Caregivernation.

DRwJL – Finding the right people to care for your loved one! I have information which will help

October 20, 2020 Finding a memory care community or an in-home caregiver can be cumbersome and tricky. How can you learn more about the the place or the person before you hire them? Turning over or sharing care is difficult no matter how you approach it. I hope this podcast can walk you through the steps to take to gain success and feel comfortable that you have done all you can to find the right situation and care options.

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DRwJL – Clinical Trials – How and Why Should You Participate – Also Myths and Truths

October 13, 2020 – Clinical trials for research are designed to help scientist look for new therapies for diseases and to look for cures. They need subjects to study for many reasons. Sometimes they need to see people who are in the beginning stages of any given disease, or healthy people to see why they age differently. In the Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body realm, they need to study the individual who has the diagnosis while they are alive so they may have references or bench marks for their symptoms. Families of those diagnosed may want to discover if there are genetic abnormalities which could put them at risk. You may join a trial to be part of the impending cure at some time in the future. What ever the reason, in this show I discuss what a clinical trial entails, safety questions, how to join and so much more!

DRwJL – Stages of Grief – I Think That’s What We Are Going Through During This Covid 19 Pandemic

October 6, 2020 – Denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance, these are the stages of grief. Grief doesn’t have to be connected to a death to affect us. The loss of jobs, independence, our alone time, can devastate us. Loss of being around coworkers and being forced to work from home can be disheveling. We have so many emotions that are arising and upsetting us. Do you recognize it as grief? A loss of what was and the never ending changes and restrictions that are taking over our lives. No hugging, no touching! People with diagnosis are struggling too – what is this mask and why do I have to wear it? Why are you so mad at me? I hate being a burden? Did I just ask you that question? It goes on & on. I address the stages and I will try to help you through these stages, but first you must recognize them.

DRwJL – Ruth Bader Ginsberg – Her Contribution to Caregiver’s Rights and People with Disabilities.

September 29, 2020 This show is a tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She was a remarkable woman, who gave her all on behalf of equality for all people, and changed our country in numerous ways.

DRwJL – Overcoming Frustration During Covid & Finding Ways To Find Peace

September 22, 2020 Today my podcast is geared toward overcoming the frustrations we are all feeling after months of this Covid 19 pandemic. I also discuss how to engage kids with a person with dementia during this time. How can we help them to be a part of the care? Teach kids how to successfully communicate with a person with memory loss. What other ways can we avoid frustration and integrate strategies and techniques for the whole family to utilize? Listen and find out!