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DRwJL – Concerned About Nursing Home Care? The Ombudsman is Your Ally

My guest, June 17, 2019, is Shannon Gimble, Program Manager, Denver Ombudsman’s office. Shannon answers questions on how and when to ask for help mediating with a care community when trouble arises. Shannon’s office is a representative for families and can intervene when perceived issues arise that seem to need more assistance to solve than a family knows how to handle on their own. The Ombudsman can provide training to Care Communities, and provide consultations between families and staff to try to find middle ground and resolve problems.

DRwJL – Avoid Scams and Keep Loved Ones with Various Dementia’s Safe

My guest, June 10, 2019, was Cary Johnson, Director, Crime Prevention, 1st Judicial District Jefferson County. We talked about how to prevent people with any type of dementia from becoming a victim of crime. Looking at what makes us targets can help us to be aware. Jefferson County is leading the way in the Denver metro area for programs with seniors. People are popping up all over the country saying they can prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s with supplements and nutrition, as well as diagnosing Alzheimer’s with an MRI and blood test, which is not true! They are scamming people out of tens of thousands of $$$$! Listen and learn how you can avoid this scam.

DRwJL – Strategy Show! Ideas for Summer Projects, Activities and Safety with Dementia

This week, June 3, 2019, My show is about the start of summer. How can we help our fellow man by checking on lonely and cognitively impaired neighbors and see what we can do to assist them? Also tips for the #caregivernation folks on how to reduce stress over the summer months. Loads of ideas on the monthly strategy show!

DRwJL – New Regulations Means Better Care for Dementia Residents

This week, May 27, 2019 my guests were Randy Kuykendall, Director of Health Services, and Elaine McManis, Branch Chief of the Health, Home & Assisted Living – both at the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. We spoke about the new Assisted Living Regulations (ALR’s) in Colorado. They are the 1st new regulations in 34 years. They are the minimum standards of care and in my mind, as well as in others, overdue. Randy & Elaine explain what the regulations are and who they affect. Assisted Living communities monitor care for over 23,000 beds in the State of Colorado. Two goals for the new regulations are to protect the care of residents, and give communities latitude to provide this care fairly and to the best of their ability. Currently Colorado has had no standard of practice for ALR’s.

DRwJL – Memories in the Making- Art Through the Eyes of a Person with Alzheimer’s

May 20, 2019 My guests were Nancy Thompson and Lisa Steffen of the Colorado Alzheimer’s Association as we talked about the Memories in the Making Art Auction. We spoke about the benefits of the program and how it enhances the lives of those with memory impairment. The MIM Art Auction is held at the Denver Broncos Training Field House and the date of the auction is June 9th, 2018. Call the Alzheimer’s Association at 303-813-1669 or go to their website www.alz.org/co to learn more and purchase tickets.

DRwJL Strategy Show – Answering Listeners Questions

This week, May 6, is a strategy show about how to talk with a care community about issues regarding a resident. Also answering listeners questions! Letting someone else take over the care of your loved one when the scope of care has become too much is trying and difficult for many. I have some advice for you and I have a great show for all, about listeners pressing questions!

DRwJL – Suicide. Choice or Tragedy… A Truly Candid Conversation

This show today is an important one and personal to me. I am discussing suicide, prevention, awareness and all the facets that encompass this tragedy, and sometimes a choice thought of as death with dignity in chronic illness cases. I am not judge or jury. Recently I lost a friend to death by suicide and I am still rocked by it. I invited Dr. Stacey Freedenthal, Associate Professor, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, to guide us through this discussion. It is open, honest, emotional, and a show I am proud to produce.

DRwJL Normal Aging & Cognitive Loss & New Research P2

This week, I interviewed Dr. Brianne Bettcher, Assistant Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Colorado Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Denver. In Part 2 Bri talked with me about the difference between normal aging and cognitive impairment. We talked about new advances in research and how she is working on determining when a person will get Alzheimer’s and when you will be at certain stages and at what age if you get AD.