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December 23, 2018 My Guest is Ryan Khan – This month of holiday celebrations brings questions of faith, spirituality and more. People ask many questions when they are given a diagnosis of some type of dementia. Why me? Did I do something wrong; was I a bad person? Has God forgotten me? University of Colorado Staff Chaplain, Ryan Kahn helps explain different spiritual and cultural beliefs, and how they affect our thoughts on these matters.


This week my guest on the show today was Jodi Brown, Executive Director of the Parkinson’s of the Rockies, A non-profit dedicated to helping those with Parkinson’s disease. Jodi tells us about their programs, exercises that stave off symptoms, support groups, and what’s coming up in 2019!


December 9, 2018 This week I discussed the issues surrounding placing your loved one in assisted living or a memory community. I spoke with my friend Niki Gewirtz from a Place for Mom and she answered the questions we all have about this touchy but important conversation.
Learn more at a http://www.aplaceformom.com or call 866-343-8925 for more information.


December 2, 2018 Strategy Show! New statistics from the Center for Disease Control are shared with my listeners, which estimate diagnosis of memory loss will climb to crazy high heights in the coming years. What can we do to retain our memory? I chat about this with my board operator Kyle Hatch and we came up with some great ideas for you!


November 25, 2018 Strategy Show! Ideas for a peaceful holiday season when dementia or memory loss is present. I have ideas for how to talk to the person with diagnosis, gift ideas, communications techniques, holiday gathering ideas which will help everyone to be successful.


November 18, 2018 my guest is Dr. Peter Pressman, a Neurologist from University of Colorado   who specializes in Frontotemporal Degeneration. This is the 4th leading type of dementia and it is devastating for families who live with this disease. Dr. pressman explains the disease thoroughly so that we can understand its cause and the symptoms.


November 11, 2018 Strategy Show where I answered listeners questions about anger issues and more!


November 4, 2018 My guest was Jill Lindgren from eLivelihood, talking about her amazing new App that helps families to be on the same page for care. The multifaceted face of this program is unbelievable! Please listen to learn more and check the BLOG site on  this web site for more information.


October 28, 2018 My guest was Marty Reiswig, a friend of mine and a former chair of the Denver Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Marty is in the DIAN study at Washington University at St. Louis which studies Alzheimer’s in people under the age of 65. Marty’s dad had Alzheimer’s at age 54, although family knew he had it several years before. Marty talks with me about his family’s long history with this disease, and his participation in the study as they try to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. This candid conversation is inspiring.


This week Oct, 21, 2018 my guest was Dr.Jonathon Woodcock from the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center. We had a great chat about listener’s questions such as when is it time to see a physician about memory loss? What is normal aging, and how can we keep from overreacting when it runs in our families and we are hypersensitive to symptoms? How does DR. Woodcock break the news when the diagnosis isn’t what we want to hear? He also works in the clinic with Dr.Huntington Potter on his Leukine Study, and shares with us what his role is in this epic study.


On October 14th the Strategy Show was about hypersexuality and inappropriate sexual behavior when a person is displaying dementia symptoms. How do we address these issues in a calm manner while keeping everyone safe? I have some ideas for you!


Dr. Timothy Boyd, PHD, who works at the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Colorado, shared astonishing and hopeful findings of an exciting research trial, designed to end Alzheimer’s, this week on my show. Explaining their Leukine Trial, Boyd told my listeners that preliminary results on the first human trials of the drug “Leukine” as a treatment for Alzheimer’s have met with unexpected success. Dr. Boyd, who works with the team headed by renowned researcher Dr. Huntington Potter, shared the news with a detailing of their initial results. Essentially, the first safety trials for Leukine involved 32 people with the disease. 13 were injected with the drug itself. 19 others received a placebo, or, just plain salt water. The results were surprisingly positive. Compared to their starting place, the people who received Leukine actually improved in their cognition, as measured by the MMSE, which is the Mini Mental State Exam. And the people who received the salt water placebo stayed the same. So that means that at the end of treatment there was a big difference between the people who received Leukine and the people who received placebo. Further, the patients who did improve did so quickly. They were showing results in just a matter of three weeks, after only some 15 injections. “Alzheimer’s disease takes probably decades before it even starts to present the first signs of having any cognitive impairment,” said researcher Dr. Timothy Boyd. “So to improve cognition within only 15 days of an injection of a treatment–that is very astonishing.” And even more remarkable is that within that same period of time, the Leukine patients actually began to show some improvement in day to day activity, able to once again do things that the disease had taken from them. Listen to my interview to learn more!


This was a dig deep strategy show about Hallucinations and troubling behaviors like destroying property and more. I also added ideas for enjoying Fall and different options for creating activities with our friends with diagnosis.


On this show September 23, 2018 I invited my husband Jim on the show to discuss our feelings and interpretations of the Frontal Temporal Conference we attended this past Saturday, put on by the University of Colorado Hospital Neurology Department and also the Walk to End Alzheimer’s Denver the previous week. We were certainly enlightened by both events. We had a lot to share so listen in.


September 15, 2018 At the Denver Walk to End Alzheimer’s I took my producer and engineer Hank Bradshaw with me and we recorded the show at the Walk. We spoke to many families, new to the disease, seasoned caregivers, people who just recently lost a loved one and people who had family members with younger onset. I also spoke with representatives of the Denver Broncos about their involvement with the Alzheimer’s Association, specifically the CEO & President Joe Ellis and Alli Pisching  from the Community Relations Department. Moving, emotional and inspiring conversations. You must Listen!



My guest today, September 9, 2018, is Craig Erickson from Erickson Living and Wind Crest, a new way and vision for senior living. Erickson Living has a new way of thinking for people 62 and older. They have condos which are beautifully built for living, not just retiring. They offer classes, programs, exercise, fitness centers auditoriums, multiple restaurants. It looks like a cruise ship setting that doesn’t move. They offer Independent Living, Assisted Living , skilled care and memory care. They have 19 properties nationwide! Look for one in your area!


September 2, 2018 I had Rebecca Engle and Kristen Beatty on my show to talk about the Denver Walk to End Alzheimer’s and others, and why it is so fun to attend one in your area. We walk to share our journey with those who understand, but also to raise awareness and money for services and resources which families and friends desperately need. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s can be an enjoyable and moving experience in every city where it is held. They provide kids play areas, music, resources from vendors who work with various dementias and more. It is a chance for families to speak one on one with these folks in safe and non intimidating surroundings. Find a Walk near you by signing up at https://www.alz.org/
In Denver, Jill Lorentz will be at the Walk with Cruisin EZ 1430 am van and her company Summit Resilience Training.com https://summitresiliencetraining.com/ Stop by and say hello and tell her your story of why you walk , and who you are walking in honor or memory of.


August 26, 2018, This show tackled the subject of how to prepare and conduct a Care Plan meeting with the provider who facilitates care for your loved one. This could include the doctor, care community, home care, group home and others. I will provide practical help on the questions to ask and a comprehensive process for a productive meeting.


August 19, 2018, My guest today is Dr. Samantha Holden from University of Colorado Hospital. She is an Assistant Professor of Neurology and a highly respected physician working with Lewy Body and Parkinson’s dementia’s. We have a wonderful coffee chat about these diseases, how they are related, diagnosed and new bio markers concerning both. A fascinating conversation with an extremely talented and caring doctor!


August 12, 2018 is a Strategy Show – Calming Difficult Behaviors! How do we calm someone who is agitated, anxious, or having delusions? These are difficult behaviors and I have the answers to help with these issues and more!


August 5, 2018 – I feel like this is one of my most important podcasts, as I share quotes from people with memory loss and cognitive impairment regarding what it is like to live with issues and activities of daily living. Their candid thoughts provide enormous insight into what it is like when you have trouble remembering, make mistakes, lose items, have trouble dressing, setting the table, seeing items, repetitive questions and much more!


July 29, 2018, My show was about the 2018 International Conference on Alzheimer’s and what is the latest in research, clinical trials, and other news along these lines. I talk about clinical trials regarding Biogen and Leukine, as well as what we are trying to do to intervene with MCI, Mild Cognitive Impairment. Researchers talked about blood pressure, marijuana and more. I broke all the information down for you so you can understand what is going on in research camps around the world. I also interviewed James Creasey who owns Jiminy Cricket, a croquet  game he facilitated to people from 54 countries during the conference.


I had a fantastic conversation with three Home Instead Denver North caregiver’s where we discussed some of the hardest issues with bringing a caregiver into your home. What if your loved one won’t accept the care, or let them into the house? What if a spouse gets in the way of activities? We explore these questions and more!


Today, July 15, 2018, I spoke with Erin Leeper and Catie Davis of the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado about what great fun can be had at the statewide walks! Ideas for fundraising and what makes each Walk to End Alzheimer’s have a unique flavor of enchantment!

Walk to End Alzheimer’s Colorado Chapter
The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide and 12 locations in our region, this inspiring event calls on participants of all ages and abilities to reclaim the future for millions.   Colorado Walks – Register for a Walk to End Alzheimer’s near you! https://www.alz.org/co

Boulder, CO 08/11/2018
Colorado Springs, CO 09/15/2018
Cortez, CO 09/15/2018
Denver, CO 09/15/2018
Eagle, CO 10/20/2018
Fort Morgan, CO 09/08/2018
Grand Junction, CO 09/22/2018
Greeley, CO 09/29/2018
Loveland, CO 09/22/2018
Pueblo, CO 09/08/2018
Steamboat Springs, CO 08/25/2018
Sterling, CO 08/25/2018


July 8, 2018 I enjoyed a fantastic coffee chat with my friend Penny Cook, President of Pioneer Network. This company is a nationwide platform for education and training for professionals. Listen and learn more!


July 1, 2018 my guest was the Executive Director of the Colorado Alzheimer’s Association, Amelia Schafer. We discussed Annabel Bowlen, wife of pat Bowlen, Owner of the Denver Broncos. Annabel disclosed her recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and we admired her courage and willingness to be a face behind the journey of Alzheimer’s. We also discussed the 7 research projects the Colorado Association is funding around the world that appear to be promising.


This week June 24, 2018 my guest was the author of Tears In My Gumbo: The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience by Nadine Roberts Cornish

Tears in My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience is a heartfelt manuscript that speaks personally and passionately to the 44 million caregivers caught up in the silver tsunami sweeping this country and for all of the people who care about the caregiver. The book inspires and supports caregivers as well as the family unit involved in the loved one’s care. Through a series of caregiver stories, the book illustrates the ingredients needed for caregivers to maintain resilience and create a soul nurturing gumbo of care.
Artfully written by caregiver coach and consultant, Nadine Roberts Cornish, CSA, the book shares her personal experience as a caregiver for her mother, which transformed her life as she becomes a care consultant, care manager, and caregiver coach. A native of New Orleans, Nadine shares her rich family heritage simmered in the traditions of gumbo preparation, steeped in love and community, seasoned with wisdom, humor and healing, much like a heaping bowl of Louisiana Seafood Gumbo.


My guest, June 17, 2018, is Shannon Gimble, Program Manager, Denver Ombudsman’s office. Shannon answers questions on how and when to ask for help mediating with a care community when trouble arises. Shannon’s office is a representative for families and can intervene when perceived issues arise that seem to need more assistance to solve than a family knows how to handle on their own. The Ombudsman can provide training to Care Communities, and provide consultations between families and staff to try to find middle ground and resolve problems.


My guest, June 10, 2018, was Cary Johnson, Director, Crime Prevention, 1st Judicial District Jefferson County. We talked about how to prevent people with any type of dementia from becoming a victim of crime. Looking at what makes us targets can help us to be aware. Jefferson County is leading the way in the Denver metro area for programs with seniors. People are popping up all over the country saying they can prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s with supplements and nutrition, as well as diagnosing Alzheimer’s with an MRI and blood test, which is not true! They are scamming people out of tens of thousands of $$$$! Listen and learn how you can avoid this scam.


This week, June 3,2018, My show was about the start of summer. How can we help our fellow man by checking on lonely and cognitively impaired neighbors and see what we can do to assist them? Also tips for the #caregivernation folks on how to reduce stress over the summer months. Loads of ideas on the monthly strategy show!


This week, May 27, 2018 my guests were Randy Kuykendall, Director of Health Services, and Elaine McManis, Branch Chief of the Health, Home & Assisted Living – both at the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. We spoke about the new Assisted Living Regulations (ALR’s) in Colorado. They are the 1st new regulations in 34 years. They are the minimum standards of care and in my mind, as well as in others, overdue. Randy & Elaine explain what the regulations are and who they affect. Assisted Living communities monitor care for over 23,000 beds in the State of Colorado. Two goals for the new regulations are to protect the care of residents, and give communities latitude to provide this care fairly and to the best of their ability. Currently Colorado has had no standard of practice for ALR’s.


May 20, 2018 My guests were Nancy Thompson and Lisa Steffen of the Colorado Alzheimer’s Association as we talked about the Memories in the Making Art Auction. We spoke about the benefits of the program and how it enhances the lives of those with memory impairment. The MIM Art Auction is held at the Denver Broncos Training Field House and the date of the auction is June 9th, 2018. Call the Alzheimer’s Association at 303-813-1669 X 217 or go to their website www.alz.org/co to learn more and purchase tickets.


May 13, 2018 – Parkinson’s of the Rockies has a new CEO! Cari Friedman joins me to talk about the services and programs of PAR and their new CEO Jody Brown!


This week, May 6, 2018 is a strategy show about how to talk with a care community about issues regarding a resident. Also answering listeners questions!



This day, April 22 & again April 29th I interviewed Dr. Brianne Bettcher, Assistant Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Colorado Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Denver. Bri talked with me about the difference between normal aging and cognitive impairment. We talked about new advances in research and how she is working on determining when a person will get Alzheimer’s and when you will be at certain stages and at what age if you get AD.


This week April 15, 2018 I aired part 2 of Big & Loud, a program designed to help people with Parkinson’s dementia speak in a more audible voice and exercise in a way which enhances fluid movement. A fantastic conversation with Angela Halpern, Bob Brown 7 Laura Guse from LSVT Global.


My guests in this 2 part segment beginning April 8, 2018, are Angela Halpern, Laura Guse, and Bob Brown as we spoke about a program from LSVT Global called Big and Loud! A fantastic program to help people with Parkinson’s to live resiliently and improve many aspects of their life including its quality on a daily basis.


My show April 1, 2018 is a strategy show was about the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s and what ware the nitty gritty clues we see in our homes when MCI and early stage are starting to show.


My guest, march 18, 2018, was my brother Dave as we discussed his FTD diagnosis and how he is doing now! A fun conversation for me with my big brother!


March 11, 2018 My guest is Stacie Naslund from Spring Ridge Alzheimer’s Special Care Center. We discussed the information from last week’s Report on the Journal of Gerontology which released its finding and recommendations on Person Centered Care (PCC) and related it to how PCC looks when use as practical application in real time and life. This is my favorite type of conversation!


On March 4th, my friend Amelia Schafer & I discussed the report released by the Journal of Gerontology in February regarding what the basic tenants and best practices of Person Centered Care (PCC) should look like. Amelia is the Interim CEO of the Colorado Alzheimer’s Association and  VP of Programs and Education. We discuss our thoughts about why PCC is not only important, but paramount and why care communities would benefit by using the practical applications outlined.


My show on February 25, 2018 featured Jim Lorentz, Division Chief at Wheat Ridge, Colorado Police. We spoke about why Law Enforcement benefits from Crisis Intervention Training, and how Div. Chief Lorentz has trained nearly 4000 LEO’s in best practices for working with cognitive impairment and memory loss when responding to calls and traffic stops,



This week of February 11 & 18, 2018, my guest is Greg Layer, a wonderful person who recognized signs of tremors in his foot when he was just 25, and received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease by age 29. He has lived resiliently with this disease for 24 years. Greg talks about his trials, tribulations and moments of enlightenment and joy. Please listen as the brave, articulate and eloquent man shares his story,


My show this week, January 28, 2018 is all about my friends with Parkinson’s. I am starting my second year in the air by shedding light on Parkinson’s disease, some myths, and again sharing my admiration for how those living with this disease are my hero’s.


My guest today, January 21,2018, Klaralee Charleton is one of my favorites. She is here once again to provide us with helpful information about what we can take off on our taxes regarding medical, caregivers, in home care and more. She also discusses ramifications for selling and gifting a home. Klaralee is awesome and her information can help all our friends!


This week, January 14, 2018, I included my engineer April Torrez, in my conversation about 40+ different ideas for easy activities for people with memory loss types of dementia. We had a fun & riveting conversation!


This week, January 7, 2018, I spoke about question I received over the holidays about wandering, and children learning about Alzheimer’s. I also discussed very important information on statistics of caver giving and how taxing it is on families



This show, December 17, 2017, was all about how to look for signs of cognitive impairment or memory loss in a loved one, especially during the holidays. I give many ideas on gifts for the caregiver, gifts for the person with impairment and communication skills. According to many listeners, one of my best shows of the year!



This is part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Luis Medina of the University of Colorado Neurology Department and Rocky Mountain Memory Disorders Clinic. We talked about the cultural differences in the way people live with and approach memory disorders.


My guest’s today are Dr. Luis Medina from the University of Colorado Hospital Neurology Department & Deb Wells from the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado. We talked about Lewy Body dementia and other related disorders and the ne approaches DR. medina and his team at UCH are using with memory disorders.


Possibly one of my best shows! November 26, 2017 I spoke with Dr. Samantha Holden from University of Colorado about the differences between Lewy Body, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and Frontal Temporal dementia’s. I also talked with Deb Wells about her husband John’s journey with Lewy Body dementia. We talked about the way they are diagnosed and how medications interact with the various disease. In addition we spoke about research currently in process on these fronts.


My guest this week November 19, 2017 was Tia Saucedo from Senior Resource Center. She talks about the benefits of Respite, Day Clubs, and activities for people with different types of dementia.


My guest this week, November 12, 2017, was David Geras of GoldLeaf Homecare and proponent of Denver University’s Research programs. Most notably, DU has invented an artificial Intelligence Robot named RYAN, designed to relate and encourage people with memory loss to communicate and engage. This is a fascinating conversation, sure to blow your mind!



November 5th, 2017 – This week I had a lovely conversation with a family truly living with resilience! The point of the show was to show there is quality of life and moments of joy still to be found after the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. I love my caregivernation and want this for all of you! God Bless!


This week October 29, 2017 I Hosted Melissa Frasier and Denise Welch from Belleview Heights  as we talked about why JEA industries employs nurses when they are not a skilled care which requires nurses on staff.  Just another reason why JEA Senior Care and Belleview Heights is an outstanding company and memory care community!


My guest this week was Dr. Huntington Potter, Director of the Alzheimer’s Research and Memory Disorder Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital at Anschutz. We talked about brain donation; what type of brains they need to study and how to do it properly. We also talked about how to get into his current studies at UCH. He is looking for folks in the Mild Cognitive impairment stage for his clinical trial.


This show on October 15, 2017 was all about the launch of my new Bundles. Written bits of information for families and professionals that is free of charge. 25 Bundles in all answering most if not all of your questions. I also talked about what I do with my company, classes, in-home assessments and so forth.


This Week October 8, 2017, My guest was Dr. Christina Vaughn from UC Denver Neurology and Movement Disorders Clinic. We had a light hearted discussion of what Hospice is and how it works!


This week I reviewed many of the topics of my show over the year! A fun trip down memory lane. I also discussed ideas for fall activities!


 My guest this week was Lt. Governor Donna Lynne. We had a great conservation about the 5.8 billion budget cuts from President Trump from the National Institute of Health, which will effect Alzheimer’s research in a huge way. We also talked about the upcoming legislation for professional caregivers in Colorado being mandated in 2018 for education classes before they work with people with the diagnosis of dementia, and much more!


My guest this week was Linda Holloway from Bessie’s Hope, a wonderful program matching youth’s from our community, with people with Alzheimer’s in memory care. Her training program provides communication skills for our youngsters and teaches them how to relate to our friends with diagnosis.   A heartwarming conversation I was honored to present.


My guest this week, Dr. Benzi Kluger MD is the Chief and founder of the Palliative Care Center and Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Colorado Hospital. Dr. Kluger directs the University of Colorado’s Neurology Supportive and Palliative care clinics. These team-based clinics are open to any patient or family affected by a neurologic or neurosurgical condition. The goals of this clinic are to improve the quality of life and reduce suffering for patients and families by helping them with difficult medical symptoms (e.g. pain, fatigue), psychiatric symptoms (e.g. depression), psychological issues (e.g. guilt, grief), caregiver support, spiritual wellbeing and planning for the future. His specific clinical interests include movement disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, tremor, dystonia, chorea) and disorders of thinking and memory. Regarding his care philosophy, Dr. Kluger says “I treat people not diseases.” He goes on to share that he believes everyone has unique perspectives, priorities, strengths and weaknesses that are important to understand in working towards their health goals. Good communication is critical to this relationship, especially his ability to really hear patients and to communicate his thoughts in a way that is understandable. He is open to admitting when he doesn’t have the answers and he enjoys working with a team of other clinicians.


My Guest this week was Erin Leeper of the Colorado Alzheimer’s Association. We talked about joining a Walk to End Alzheimer’s near you in the state of Colorado during the month of September. Our topics included how to start a team, ideas for raising money, the fun things at each walk including music, kids zone, face painting, and much more at the Walk in Denver on September 16th. I, Jill, will be at the Walk this year representing my Radio Show and my company, Summit Resilience Training.   Come out to City Park in Denver and say hi!


The week of August 27, 2017 I had part two of my show with my sisters Sandy Born, Sue Fleming and Judy Fleming on as my guests. We continued the discussion about what we experienced through the journey with our mom’s dementia. We were able to change state laws in Illinois based on the abuse our mom endured at the 1st nursing home we chose. We still feel angst and regret that we didn’t make a better choice. We also had a few laughs over the  antics of the residents and mom at her second care community. This was a heavy, then light hearted and laughter, tear filled 1/2 hour.


My guests today on August 20, 2017 were my sisters, Sandy Born, Sue Fleming and Judy Fleming. They came from Decatur, Illinois for the weekend, to attend an Alzheimer’s Research Fundraiser that my husband & I held for the Alzheimer’s Research Center and Memories Disorders Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital at the Anschutz Campus.  We have a very open and honest conversation about Mama and her behaviors, our victories and painful mistakes and we share with #caregivernation how our journey flowed. We also discuss the early years and stages, panic attacks, taking the driver’s license away, the 1st nursing home disaster, the subsequent issues with moving her, Judy getting into counseling for her own guilt and depression issues. Part two is next week!


My Guest this week was Fran Myers of Advance Care Advocate and we talked about having an agent for your care when you are terminally ill. Fran can help if you are alone or need assistance. She also talks about having a dignified death by allowing nature to take its course (AND Allow Natural Death) and issues beyond DNR. Making sure you have the right paperwork if an emergency  anything happens as a safety net is incredibly smart. We talk about feeding tubes, CPR and many issues including when to know how and where to take a bridge or an exit ramp for care.


On my show today I talked about how to get family members engaged in care of a person with dementia, when they generally refuse to help. This was in response to a blog I wrote earlier in the week (see Blog on different tab) where I called out family on behalf of lonely, tired caregivers everywhere. Today’s show was an effort to give them 50 easy ways to participate, even if they never physically visit. These ideas include using social media, and many terrific ideas that anyone can utilize.


My guest this week July 30, 2017was with Death and Tax Attorney, Klaralee Charlton. We talked about some of the top Tax Considerations for Aging Parents. Topics include whether a parent needs to file a tax return, how children can communicate with the IRS on a parent’s behalf, tax deductions for aging taxpayers, and how to deal with a parent’s home. Klaralee Charlton is a Shareholder with Katz, Look & Onorato, P.C. As part of her practice, Klaralee guides clients through the process of administering a loved one’s estate with a focus on minimizing estate and income tax liability. She also works with clients  to ensure ongoing tax compliance and prepares estate and trust income tax returns annually. kcharlton@thedenverlawyers.com 303-832-1900


My guests this week, July 23, 2017 was Steve Andrews & Becky Dieter from Senior Path. We had a great discussion on the need at times to have help with getting paperwork in order with an aging parent, spouse, friend. We sometimes need to uncover doctor’s names, addresses and phone numbers, medications, banking accounts and other financial information, and we have no idea where to look. Also, Senior Path helps families in the search for continuing care for Alzheimer’s regarding care communities, and senior housing and retirement living issues.


This week, July 15, 2017, my guest was my dear friend and former colleague Rosalyn Reese, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado. We talked about the fact that African Americans have a 2% higher chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease and Latino communities 1.5% higher chance than Caucasian Americans. We also discussed why some cultures deal differently than others with this disease, keeping it quiet and never asking for help. We cannot forget our friends in the LGBT community if we want to show true inclusiveness. There is also a changing paradigm for caregiver stress. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Sept. 16 in Denver and Telemundo is the media sponsor, in hopes of attracting more of the Mexican population of Denver.

The HELPLINE at the Alz Assoc is brought to you free of charge in 200 languages. 1-800-272-3900. One call, 1000’s of answers 200 languages.


My guest this week, July 9, 2017, was Jen Romnes from Ontario, Canada. Jen has written two books: Entangled 1 Caught Between Choices and Entangled 2 Betrayed From Within. Jen Romnes has beat the odds more than once. Entangled’s pandemic themes have led her to present for international, national, and local audiences. Through her successful creative art business Muralfx, she has brought art to life that her clients have only dreamed of. Jen is happily married, enriching her home with her two daughters and a fluffy cat. Jen is working on changing laws to protect lose who are victimized by domestic abuse, and the rights of those who are living with Alzheimer’s. Her work has expanded the ability for next of kin to have the right to visit their loved ones at nursing homes, and to offer assistance in being allowed to be part of their care. Visit Jen at www.jenromnes.com  Entangled 1 & 2 for sale on Amazon or Freisen Bookstore


This week July 2, 2017, my guests were Phil & Kylie Booth of SAGE Functional Aging. They do a wonderful job of Person Centered Care for people with any type of dementia, at home or in a care community setting. Listen for their outstanding ideas for ways to engage those who need them most.


On June 25, 2017, I opened the show addressing a recent report regarding ways to stay healthy according to DR. John Torrez from ABC news and Dr. Barry Peterson Of Mayo Clinic. Both Doc’s were a bit critical of some computerized apps that focus on speed rather than memory and they were concerned they are not helpful in the long run. I then inserted some 5-10 ideas of my own to help you retain your memory by playing little games, and trying to remember phone numbers and email addresses. The second and third segments on the show are addressing early and late mid stage. I describe real issues surrounding the decline in impairment, and how it affects both the person with diagnosis and their caregivers. I also try to keep my suggestions for the caregivers lighthearted so we don’t get overwhelmed!


This week June 18, 2017, my guest was Sharon Stokes, Owner of I AM  STILL HERE! Sharon facilitates a dyad, support groups for the person with diagnosis and across the hall in a nearby room is a support group or the primary caregiver. We have a wonderful conversation about what the people with diagnosis need in terms of understanding from their care partner and the world. We also discuss the beautiful way they share their feelings and empathy towards each other.


This show was Part 2 of a riveting conversation with the 3 best Alzheimer’s Care Communities in the Denver Metro area. Kelli Mosley, Executive Director of Spring Wood Retirement Campus specifically Nightingale Lane Memory Community, Niki Gewirtz, Executive Director of Belleview Heights Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Aurora, and Stacie Naslund of Spring Ridge Park Alzheimer’s Special Care Community in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. We talk about the training of their staff’s, more Person Centered Care and what happens after a loved one moves in and how they help the families adjust. Exit strategies, ways to manage emotions and much more from the special communities.


This week was truly thrilling for me as I celebrate the 3 best Alzheimer’s Care Communities in the Denver Metro area. Kelli Mosley, Executive Director of Spring Wood Retirement Campus specifically Nightingale Lane Memory Community, Niki Gewirtz, Executive Director of Belleview Heights Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Aurora, and Stacie Naslund of Spring Ridge Park Alzheimer’s Special Care Community in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. These women share their person centered care management style and how they utilize redirection skill over medications. They are priced lower than fancy care communities and their prices are lower and non tiered yet the provide the most outstanding care for people with Alzheimer’s. They do not nickel and dime families for the progression of the disease. Each woman shares information about the beauty of their communities, their favorite staff stories and how they respect and share the care with the caregivers that work with them. The discussion was so informative and wonderful that it goes on to June 11, 2017 to complete a two part conversation.


This week’s show  (May 28, 2017) focused on BATHING WITHOUT A BATTLE and I have a wonderful plan for all of you! I also talked about the rising number of people with ALZHEIMER’S grew 54% more than experts expected from 1999 – 2014. the report was just released. It also rose 55% in the 1st quarter of 2017. I go over statistics that will blow your mind and hopefully scare you in to participating in trying to find a cure!  


My guest this week, May 21, 2017, was Cary Johnson, Director, Crime Prevention, 1st Judicial District Jefferson County. We talked about how to prevent people with any type of dementia from becoming a victim of crime. Looking at what makes us targets can help us to be aware. Jefferson County is leading the way in the Denver metro area for programs with seniors, including Senior Law Day, Safety Day, TRIAD, and 911 phones for seniors. Tip of the day is about sharing the care at a party and using a “Tag Your It” so everyone is involved in keeping the person with AD content, and the burden doesn’t fall on the primary caregiver. It also gives everyone a chance to have a quality visit with the person with AD. Listen for all the details.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone! The show on May 14, 2017 is dedicated to those living with Frontal Temporal disease, one of the dementia’s that does not come initially or if ever with memory loss, unless it is a mixed diagnosis. My brother Dave was diagnosed with this disease in 2009 through Mayo Clinic. We talk about our families’ journey and how he is living well and with RESILIENCE with this disease.

This week the show is about strategies to communicate better with a person with Alzheimer’s. We look at innovative ways to keep that person and the friend/family member from getting overwhelmed. We offer ways for the person with AD to stay viable and help to chart their own course so they are not remembered as the disease, but rather as the person they were.


This week 4.30.17, I talked about Music Therapy with people who barley speak, speak with “word salad” or are mainly nonverbal, and how we are able to connect the communication process. In addition, we talk about entering the Alzheimer’s World and as caregivers, accepting a new reality of a changed communication journey. A very candid conversation asking caregivers to own that they must live in the Alzheimer’s world, not their own perception of reality.


This week’s show (4.23.17) guest was Judy Carlson from Verity Financial and we discussed financial planning as it relates to planning for the future with different types of dementia. If you need more information from Judy call her at 720-600-7070 or judy.carlson@verity.financial and she will offer a free consultation and education about how to plan for the future; taking a look at all revenue streams and opportunities.


Today’s show was very personal and special for me. My guests were Heather Goldberg and her mom Suzanne, who is 67 and recently diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s. Their personal journey is heart warming and informative. They discuss learning there was outside discovery of early warning signs, adjusting to a new life which includes a loss of job, driver’s license and even her home; yet rounding the corner with peace of mind, activities, and being able to speak freely about this disease with resilience. We discuss the new living arrangement, the love her family is showering on her, and what still frustrates her. We talk about her applying to Dr. Potter’s study and the SPARK program she has joined for people with dementia.

 This show’s guest was Niki Gewirtz, Executive Director at Belleview Heights, Alzheimer’s Special Care Center who discusses Person Centered Care and its beneficial effect on those living with different types of dementia.
This week’s show was an open conversation with my listeners who are working with an aging in place, at home, situation.  This show was designed to give practical strategies and advice for safe living while staying in their own homes. My producer, Hank Bradshaw and I talked together about do’s and don’ts when it comes to communicating with people with Alzheimer’s. This included my Top Ten List!

Part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Huntington Potter, PHD & Director of the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Denver. On today’s show he talks about Rheumatoid Arthritis, Down’s Syndrome and their connection to Alzheimer’s. Dr. Potter also talks about the beginning of the discovery of Alzheimer’s in 1904 and what doctors are attempting to do with research when they are looking for ways to cure the disease. We also discuss the need for talented researchers in upcoming years. Dr. Potter needs monetary donations to move his Leukine study forward and Jill has asked listeners to get involved and support this research directly. Look for ways to donate below under last weeks show.


March 19, 2017 – Today’s guest was Dr. Huntington Potter, PHD & Director of the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Denver. in Part 1 of our two week discussion, Dr. Potter talked about his amazing research of the drug Leukine and the success he is having removing beta amyloid plaques and tangles in mice and repairing the brain. Dr. Potter is now conducting a clinical trial with human subjects and showing the same success!!!!!  Dr. Potter needs 5 million dollars to complete this trial and I am asking listeners to help me raise this money towards this promising research!
Please donate directly at: https://giving.cu.edu/fund/potter-alzheimer%E2%80%99s-disease-fund
mail: check payable to:

University of Colorado Foundation, noting fund #222578 in the memo line,

to: Carrie Radant Flynn

University of Colorado

Anschutz Medical Campus

Mail Stop AO65

13001 E. 17th Place

Aurora, Colorado 80045

and add a note you heard this on my show, Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz!


Guest today is Curt Foust of Home Instead Senior Care Denver North. We talked about his staff being 100% trained in Alzheimer’s care before working with clients. All types of services they offer to assist families.
Guest today was Linda Whyte from Johnson Adult Day Program talking about their fabulous activities for people with various types of dementia.
Guest today was Division Chief Jim Lorentz from Wheat Ridge PD talking about driving, wandering, neglect and more issues surrounding Alzheimer’s and Law Enforcement
Guest today was Linda Niedermann, a family member with both parents who have AD and her search for a care community.
Guest today was Amelia Schafer from the Alzheimer’s Association, talking about the resources they offer.
Today was a show about my history. my mom’s story and how I became an expert in the field of Alzheimer’s.
Today was my first show! I provide helpful tips on living with resilience after a diagnosis of dementia.