October 4, 2022

My guest today is Dr. Peter Pressman, Neurologist and Researcher at the University of Colorado Hospital Anschutz in Denver, Colorado. Dr Pressman and Dr. Huntington Potter are looking for people to join the newest phase of the Sargramostim clinical trial. Otherwise known as the Leukine study. This clinical research is showing promise in fighting Alzheimer’s disease. Dr Pressman talks about what the research trial will entail, as well as answering some burning questions about the validity of some research that has drawn attention for not so good reasons. Dr. Pressman gets very candid and answers the tough questions in this segment.

Do you have mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease?
You may be eligible for a clinical trial for an investigational drug for the treatment of
mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Participants will be asked to participate in weekly
visits for 24 weeks, as well as screening and follow-up visits.
In order to qualify you must:
• be between 60-80 years old
• have a diagnosis of mild-to moderate Alzheimer’s disease
• be willing and able to have a spinal
tap and weekly blood draws
• have a study partner willing to give
daily injections after training
There are additional eligibility
requirements, which can be found at:
Weekly appointments will be conducted
at the University of Colorado Anshcutz
Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado.
Participants will receive:
• study related care and medication at
no cost
• stipend to defray some costs of
COMIRB# 19-2727 PI: Peter Pressman, MD
To learn more please call: 303-724-4644
You can also email NeuroResearch@cuanschutz.edu or visit our website
www.cumemoryresearch.org. Health insurance is not needed for this study.