December 28, 2021, Today my show is about learning what dementia is. There is so many misconceptions it blows my mind. A friend this week said her husband is glad he has Parkinson’s and not dementia, I just shook my head. Parkinson’s is a type of dementia disease, as is Alzheimer’s, Frontotemporal, Vascular, ALS, Lewy Body, Huntington’s and over a hundred more. Today I will spell all this out for you. Please listen and be informed. We have come to far to be ignorant of this subject. Dementia does not mean memory loss and it is not a disease. It is a definition which mean cognitive impairment serious enough to affect activities of daily living. Resilience is equally important, and it means overcoming obstacles and adversity to find a positive outcome, which is what I want to help all of you to embrace. Come along with me today and learn.