December 14, 2021 – Today I present a wonderful, intimate and sweet conversation with Annabel (Baby Belle) Bowlen, daughter of National Football League Hall of Fame Owner Pat Bowlen and his beautiful wife Annabel. Pat Bowlen, affectionately known as Mr. B to fans, passed away in 2019 from complications of Alzheimer’s. He was such a beloved owner and he cared deeply about the fans of the Denver Broncos, and their experience when they attended a game. He was instrumental in many of the positive changes in the NFL over the years and was highly esteemed by other owners, and Roger Goodell. In 2014 Pat Bowlen stepped down from day-to-day operations and the Colorado community was devasted. Just before Pat’s death, December 2018 brought more heartbreaking news, his wife Annabel was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. There is not much harder than having one parent with the disease, and then tragedy struck twice. Baby Belle was sweet enough to join me in the studio and share what it was like growing up in a football family. She gives us an inside glimpse into what her parents were like when she was young, what impact she feels they have had on her life, and how they inspired her to be the best she can be.

The Denver Broncos won three Super Bowls under Pat Bowlen. He was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame shortly after his passing. This was bittersweet but nonetheless a very proud moment for his family. We in Broncos nation thank this family for bringing a winning spirit and joy to fans, every Sunday and for so many amazing years.

Annabel Bowlen is a Communications Assistant for the Denver Broncos Football Club. She graduated from the University of Colorado Denver, earning a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Communications with a certificate in digital studies. Bowlen has profound experience being a caretaker for her mother and late father, who have suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. She is passionate about public speaking on how she has been touched by Alzheimer’s, hoping it will help those diagnosed or caretaking for someone living with the disease. She is a strong leader in advocating for research, support, and developments for those living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.