February 9, 2021- A conversation with Dr. Christina Vaughan, about the ideals of palliative care, providing person centered care at its best for neurological patients and their families. This is an important and new way to focus on not only the diagnosis, but the spiritual, psychological and psychosocial aspects of the journey with diseases characterized by cognitive and memory loss. Spending more time with patients is a key and bringing in specialists like a chaplain, a social worker, and a person like me, as I help you in the home and with education. With this approach the doctors can explore who the person is, and not focus on the disease they have been diagnosed with. In my mind, this way of providing care is so refreshing and overdue! Dr. Vaughan and her team are utilizing this cutting edge approach and seeing remarkable results. I am so honored to work with the University of Colorado Hospital and collaborate on the care with the family.

Dr. Vaughan is a Neurologist at the University of Colorado Hospital Denver. She is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Division of Neuropalliative Care. It is a medical specialty that focuses on trying to relieve all sorts of suffering that people experience with chronic illness, trying to improve quality of life as a team.

Dr. Christina Vaughan