November 24, 2020 – Exploring palliative care and the benefits of focusing on the person with a diagnosis, as well as their caregiver, so the whole family gets the help they need. My guest, Dr. Zach Macchi, is a Neurologist with the University of Colorado Hospital Memory Disorders Clinic in Denver. He is excited to explore the ways we can create a new frontier by integrating palliative care into the standard care of a patient receives. We need new approaches for looking at ways to educate clinicians, patients, caregivers, and look for models that support a palliative care approach. What this means is essentially addressing all of the needs and issues that contribute to a person’s quality of life, like symptom management, caregiver support, advanced care planning, discussions with the family, and making early decisions that aide in the person’s care. We need all these components to create a new successful approach as well as looking at the patient as a person, and not as the disease.