This podcast is dedicated to helping my Caregivernation with issues that can be very concerning to them when they are living with or caring for people with various dementia’s that present with memory loss and cognitive impairment. Driving is a very serious and touchy issue that almost all of go through during this journey. When our friends with diagnosis become scared, sometimes they wander out of the house or hide somewhere in the house and this is a very scary situation.

Other issues are combative situations where violence can occur. In many states there is a law regarding domestic violence, where if it is deemed domestic violence one or both parties may be arrested. How do you tell the dispatcher that you just need help with de-escalation? If they aren’t culpable and aware of what they are doing, should a person with Alzheimer’s go to jail? No!!!!!!

My husband Jim Lorentz, Division Chief of Police for Wheat Ridge, Colorado answer these and many other questions for us.