2020 brings new changes to the website as I changed the BUNDLES page to a new Knowledge Center. I added several new items for you to peruse which explain the various dementia’s, how to talk to friends and children about a diagnosis, driving issues, bathing problems, ways to keep from being scammed and more.

When my mom was ill with Alzheimer’s, I found myself searching the internet for months on end to look for information on a myriad of issues like Medicaid and Medicare, how to talk to her doctor, dealing with symptoms and so much more. I have now built a 1 stop shop where you can look at the areas where you need help and find it on my website for free.

Please peruse the KNOWLEDGE CENTER and learn as much as you can and if you need more help, listen to my podcasts, where I bring in resources, experts, and strategy and techniques each week in audio to help you!