How Thinking Outside the PillboxTM Might Help You

Have you ever thought about having a personal Off Script® consultant pharmacist to think outside the pillboxTM and provide assistance as your love one’s advocate?


Medications eating up the monthly budget?

As you are probably aware from your multiple trips to the pharmacy, your love one takes many medications; and unfortunately, some of the most crucial prescriptions are also very costly.

Have you ever consider having a dedicated meeting with a consultant pharmacist? During the appointment, you are welcome to share your concerns about expensive prescriptions and the total monthly medication costs.

Afterwards, I will thoroughly look through your love one’s med list; and by the end of our conversation, I might be able to provide some suggestions of less experience but equally effective medications. Furthermore, I could possibly decrease the number of prescriptions on the list. However, we will need to discuss any recommendation changes with the prescribers; and I will be able to assist in coordinating communication with all providers.


Are the medications working? Are the prescriptions causing more problems?

As your love one is taking more and more medications, are you wondering whether each prescription is the best option? Additionally, are you worrying whether a medication is causing unwanted side effects? If so, have you consider having a consultant pharmacist provide genetics testing for your love one?

The test can provide another piece of the puzzle to help improve the likelihood of finding the best possible medication and doses for your love one!

Your love one is unique; and the genetics test can possibly increase our understanding of your love one’s response to different prescriptions. As a result, the test is a potentially useful tool to help us limit the side effects and interactions that your love one experiences.


Do you and your love one have a preference for being naturally healthy?

Are you interested in natural medications; but you are worried about their interactions with your love one’s prescriptions?

During my personal visit with you and your love one, we can discuss about your love one’s health goals. Afterwards, I will be able to find the dosages for natural, herbal, or supplemental medications with the best evidence for your love one’s goals.

I will also ensure that the natural medications do not have worrisome interactions with your love one’s current prescriptions and medical conditions. Furthermore, some prescriptions can potentially result in vitamin deficiency; so, I can provide you with a list of supplements for consideration.

Is seeing a consultant pharmacist inconvenient?

In addition to your daily tasks, you are also taking great care of your love one. So, I can only begin to comprehend your busy schedule. Therefore, I am excited to provide convenient access to me – your personal pharmacist!

If you reside in Colorado, I am currently offering house calls. However, if you do not prefer meetings in your home, I actually have a HIPAA-compliant app, which will allow personal and secure face-to-face conversations.

If you are not a Colorado resident, I am also currently licensed to practice pharmacy in the following states: Nebraska, New York, and Texas. Furthermore, I expect to receive my Michigan and Maryland licenses soon; and I am also considering being a registered pharmacist in Pennsylvania. Therefore, we will be able to connect via phone, HIPAA-compliant app, or secure e-mail.


How to connect with your personal Off Script® consultant pharmacist?

As you can deduce, my intention is to increase your and other caregivers’ awareness of some potentially useful services to help improve the quality of life for your love ones.

I found Off Script Consults because I truly enjoy providing enhanced pharmacy care; and I appreciate your considering me to be part of your love one’s healthcare team.

If you are interested in a further discussion with me, please feel free to get in touch with me through the following contact information. I look forward to hearing from you and your love one!


About the Author

Ross is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin – College of Pharmacy. She is also the Off Script Consults® founder with years of experience as a board certified independent pharmacist, who strives to improve the quality of life and financial outcomes of patients and their caring providers through the delivery of enhanced pharmacy services, such as interpreting genetics testing results and assisting providers in achieving star ratings that aim to improve patient outcomes.

Ross currently resides in the beautiful state of Colorado with her husband and two dogs. When she is not personalizing medication regimens, Ross enjoys reading and writing. She also loves to paint, hike, rock-climb, and travel.