by Cary Johnson

Cary Johnson • District Attorney Fraud Line 303-271-6980   Jefferson County, Golden Colorado

Charitable Steps for Safety by Cary Johnson Fact #1: There is no law, statute, or regulation stating or governing that a charity give, spend, or designate a certain portion of the money they raise on the programs, cause, or purpose for which they state they are raising money.

Fact #2: Make a yearly charitable giving plan and stick to it

Fact #3: If you desire to assist with a disaster or emergency need: “Think global…but give local”

Fact #4: When in doubt, give to those ‘tried and true’ charities that have proven themselves over time

Fact #5: Don’t feel guilty because you can’t give enough to solve all the problems and issues of the world

Fact #6: Try not to give where you are being solicited for a donation: from someone going door-to-door; via phone; via E-mail; via an appeal coming by U.S. mail.                                                                           

Fact #7: Don’t give based on an emotional appeal that you didn’t or can’t check out   Send out pictures of children who don’t exist; • Tell you that unless $100,000 is sent within 24-hours the doors of the orphanage will close; • Promise you that every penny of every dollar you give is going to make the last wish of a dying child come true; • Plead with you that unless $150,000 can be raised in the next • 48-hours a $500,000 matching gift will be lost