The Healthier Rural West Summit is an inaugural event for health and healthcare stakeholders who want to impact the future of rural health. The 2019 Summit is being held March 19-21 and features both mainstage panels and two breakout tracks featuring more than 60 industry leading speakers and over 30 sessions.

The Summit will draw 400 rural healthcare providers, public leaders in local and state government, education, community advocacy organizations and business and technology leaders. In a highly participative format, the event will debate, discuss and formulate success strategies for creating well-being in the West through inspiring talks, interactive sessions, panel discussions and networking.


Evon Holladay & Jill Lorentz discussing Healthier Rural West Summit








Health care in the United States has reached an all time expensive high, as the one on one care is often disappearing! I will be there with my panel to talk about the prevalence of TASK centered care in nursing homes and why it MUST CHANGE to Person Centered Care in order to provide the best care possible for our loved ones. My panel includes, Dee Reda, Community Services Section Manager
Home and Community Facilities Branch of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and Stacie Naslund, Executive Director of Spring Ridge Park Assisted Living – A Memory Care Community owned and operated by Continuum Health. Stacie’s property is more than a memory unit, She works to help people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s to Live, not to Die. Her staff takes resident’s out for dinner, to the movie’s, has a Friday night Mocktail Evening. They have resident lead activities. It is a concept every community should have, but rather, is the exception. Dee Reda and her CDPHE group have enacted new and sweeping changes for care communities/nursing homes who work with anyone with memory loss and more. new State Regulations passed April 18, 2018 were the 1st in 34 years and should be celebrated by families looking for better care!

One of the most critical and underreported health crises in the United States today is individual and community health and well-being in the rural American West. Although rural health care is deficient everywhere in the United States, nowhere more so than in the West, where considerations of distance, lack of sufficient number of qualified health providers, culture, economic status, education, and environment pose special challenges.

But poorly nuanced policy, underfunded public health, rising healthcare costs, and disparities in access to care are exacerbating poor health outcomes in rural areas, increasing poverty, an aging population, antiquated educational approaches, and a rapidly changing environment now pose imminent challenges to the health and wellness in the rural America West and beyond.

The Healthier Rural West Summit’s Core Objectives and Key Results are:
1. Assemble civic, faith, healthcare and citizen leadership at the community, county, state, regional and federal level to address current rural health’s critical issues from a 360 degree perspective

2. Present, in an engaging manner, proven best practices and lessons learned in transforming health needs to well-being in rural communities

3. Provide experiential learning by using a presentation format where attendees are given time to conceptualize and visualize how best practices can work in their community

4. In closure of Summit identify minimum of 5 new initiatives for incubation

5. Define next steps needed for leaders to achieve their health transformation objectives