This week on my radio show Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz, my guest was Jill Lindgren from eLivelihood. She has co-founded an extraordinary mobile and personal computer application that can help friends and families communicate with each other about everything from a person’s care to doctor appointments, time spent traveling to appointments and back, general care, paying caregivers, and much more! I asked her to explain her product, which has just launched on the market and these are some of the things we talked about!

How do you know this is what people want or need? She received feedback from interviewing over 250 caregivers and families. I asked, “What where their pain points, common complaints from primary caregivers, seniors and extended family?” So what was the #1 issue? Jill Lindgren answered, “Empathy. We solve that by having a non-confrontational way to share contributions, share information and the workload. We take the Senior out of the family politics.”

So I asked Ms. Lindgren to tell me about the system; and how her service helps families get everything together – what’s that look like? Below are the highlights we covered. Listen to the show and learn more!

Here’s a sneak peak into what we discussed:

Create a team (Admin, Recip, Contributors)
Private team calendar
Safekeeper Storage
Email notifications for the team
Picture/Video sharing
Senior Tablet App & Mobile Apps
The calendar isn’t just your average calendar, how is it different?
Time tracking for family and 3rd party caregivers
Assignable tasks and appointments
Notes to keep everyone updated on the event
What can you put in Safekeeper?
Notes (text – medication lists, Dr info, passwords)
Documents .pdf, .xls, .doc, pictures (will, advance directive, pics of medications)
Accessible from mobile apps.
Is it easy to use the Senior tablet app and how do they get it?
Download directly from the App store or Google Play
Designed for seniors
Great for memory care patients
Direct messaging to team members
Calendar Access
How does the Senior tablet app combat Senior isolation?
Involves extended family
Keeps them connected with their “community”
They know what to expect with the calendar, they can make notes to communicate with the family.
How do you handle security?
Private team solution
Permission settings for each user
So what does this cost? Listen to the podcast to find out!

What’s coming next?
Financial solutions
Passive home monitoring
How do customers find you?
email –
instructional videos available online
30 day free trial
Promo Code EZ1430