This show on October 15th, was all about the launch of my new Bundles. Written bits of information for families and professionals that is free of charge. 25 Bundles in all answering most if not all of your questions. I also talked about what I do with my company, classes, in-home assessments and so forth.

What are the Bundles? They are pages of information, written by the entities who provide the services which will help caregivers assisting those with memory loss or cognitive impairment. Examples:

  • How do I bathe my loved one without a battle?
  • How do we discuss the end of driving privileges when it’s no longer safe?
  • How do I choose memory care?
  • Averting scams – mail fraud, credit card theft, crimes against humanity, telephone scams
  • Talking to a family member with dementia about helping with finances
  • Wandering issues
  • What is Medicare and what does it cover?
  • How do I apply and qualify if I need Medicaid?
  • A form to fill out that is up to date for the times – What you need to know about me!
  • Working with law enforcement.
  • Much More! Visit

From my heart to yours, trying to save time and brain energy with a one shop stop for answers to your burning questions about caring for the people you love.