When you sit down for your Care Plan meetings at your loved one’s community, with a home care company or even your team of doctors, ask to discuss the following criteria:

Overall opinion of your loved ones’ condition
Medications they are on, what the efficacy is and how it is being measured
Are gradual dose reductions appropriate? Are there any medications that should be eliminated or introduced based on stage of disease or other reasons?
What symptoms are they trying to target with medication?
Nutrition – Has there been any changes? Weight, eating habits, cognitive?
Sleep patterns normal or changing?
Reactions to care (behaviors)? What has occurred and how did they handle it with redirection skills?
What has the activity level been for your loved one?Are they participating? What do they like/dislike?
How can they prepare you for what changes might occur in the future?
Concerns regarding cleanliness of rooms, laundry
Kudos for staff or concerns regarding staff
Schedule next Care Plan meeting for 3 months in future – (date and time)

The meeting should be no less than 30 minutes. I suggest you prepare notes so everything you need to address is covered.