My guest this week, July 9, 2017, was Jen Romnes from Ontario, Canada. Jen has written two books: Entangled 1 Caught Between Choices and Entangled 2 Betrayed From Within. Jen Romnes has beat the odds more than once. Entangled’s pandemic themes have led her to present for international, national, and local audiences. Through her successful creative art business Muralfx, she has brought art to life that her clients have only dreamed of. Jen is happily married, enriching her home with her two daughters and a fluffy cat. Jen is working on changing laws to protect lose who are victimized by domestic abuse, and the rights of those who are living with Alzheimer’s. Her work has expanded the ability for next of kin to have the right to visit their loved ones at nursing homes, and to offer assistance in being allowed to be part of their care. Visit Jen at Entangled 1 & 2 for sale on Amazon or Freisen Bookstore