This week, May 27, 2018 my guests were Randy Kuykendall, Director of Health Services, and Elaine McManis, Branch Chief of the Health, Home & Assisted Living – both at the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. We spoke about the new Assisted Living Regulations (ALR’s) in Colorado. They are the 1st new regulations in 34 years. They are the minimum standards of care and in my mind, as well as in others, overdue. Randy & Elaine explain what the regulations are and who they affect. Assisted Living communities monitor care for over 23,000 beds in the State of Colorado. Two goals for the new regulations are to protect the care of residents, and give communities latitude to provide this care fairly and to the best of their ability. Currently Colorado has had no standard of practice for ALR’s.

I encourage you to check the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s (CDPHE) new ALR resource page designed to help keep ALRs informed about the implementation of the new licensure regulations. The page contains continuously updated information on important dates, training, FAQs and the Assisted Living Advisory Committee (ALAC).