CaregiverNation, a name I lovingly gave my radio and social media followers, but they are the unsung hero’s; icons, the people who are idols to me. I will take a caregiver over a music or sports star any day. You’re looking for role models for your kids; for yourself? Look no further. They don’t make millions, in fact, many are just trying to make ends meet. They don’t cry at press conferences or walk away pouting because their day didn’t go well, they cry in the shower so the people they love don’t see their frustration. Rarely is there a team around them; many do it alone. You want to pout Mr.Sports star? Try living with someone you love who doesn’t remember your name; who doesn’t remember they brought you into this world, and now is in tears because they don’t know they’re your mom, but they know they are supposed to love you because you are so nice to them and you feel familiar somehow. My CaregiverNation are the real superstars, and if I could, I would give them all an award.








Some of the awesome things they do:

  • They help their partner/ loved one get dressed
  • They help them shower and groom themselves
  • They feed them their meals
  • They understand when they eat spaghetti with their fingers
  • They live with it when they get up in the morning and the house is clean, but it’s like an Easter egg hunt looking for items that are missing or misplaced like, eggs in the drawer, ice cream in the cabinet, the mail in the refrigerator
  • They understand when their person doesn’t know what day it is, what year it is, what holiday it is; who is that person in the mirror, by the way?
  • They help them clean themselves when they go to the bathroom.
  • They try to figure out what the unmet need is that is frustrating the person they love.
  • They try to spread understanding when people whisper “what’s wrong with that lady/man?” about their loved one in public.
  • They take classes to learn more so they can be better at caregiving.
  • They make tough, very tough decisions when the scope of care becomes too difficult, or a promise has been made.

They do all of these things and so much more, and they don’t pout. They are RESILIENT! They overcome obstacle and adversity to find a positive outcome. They are the Masters of redirection skills. They are my hero’s and I love each and every one of them. Yes, November is National Caregiver Month. But I celebrate them each and everyday. I fiercely protect and admire them; they are my CaregiverNation.

This week for me is Wow Week! I will celebrate Caregivernation and I will give them help with the holidays upcoming.

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If no one has told you today that they appreciate you, hear it now, I appreciate you.


]ill Lorentz is the President and Owner of Summit Resilience Training, Dementia Education for Caregivers. She is also the Host of KEZW Cruisin’1430am Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz which airs Sunday’s 10:00-10:30 am MST. Jill teaches families and professionals strategies and techniques which help them to feel understood and allows them to relieve stress so they can enjoy their lives while caregiving.