She was a great Mama, a fun person; more love than a heart could hold. She wasn’t defined by her dementia. We’re not defined by the caregiving mistakes we made. The bundles of information on this website for my #caregivernation is her legacy. The Doctor and the staff at the nursing home who abused her, I may never forgive. Tell me #caregivernation, how do I do that? I have tried to move on by building a site for my friends with dementia and their families that will hopefully guide them to not make the mistakes we made.

The six months it took to enhance the website and add 25 bundles of incredible knowledge from experts who care, was an amazing undertaking. It took 8 months to record a Christmas CD with my husband.  A LABOR OF LOVE MY FRIENDS!  A labor of love. Many thanks to my webmaster Ceelee Simpson. A beautiful soul who would rather work on her amazing paintings, which by the way you can find on helped me to see this mission through and built an amazing addition to the site. To Brian Hunter who engineered our CD, and played many awesome instruments as well, you have our undying gratitude.

Mom’s doctor said she gave my mom six times the legal limit of several mind-bending drugs because she couldn’t tell the difference between her electric bill and RX requests for patients. I cried a river of tears and felt the regret of not catching this sooner. If my people (caregivernation) out there in the world, find answers they need and peace of mind; if they save dozens of hours and heartache not wasting time looking on zillions of websites for information they may never find or understand; if they can stop mistakes before they happen – we have won.


My heart is full today. I hope they’re right. If you build they will come. Please share with your family and friends and tell them there is a place they can come to find answers; find help. This is my Mama’s legacy.

Love to you my friends. My CAREGIVERNATION! I have your back!

Jill Lorentz is the Owner and president of Summit Resilience Training, Dementia Education for Caregivers. She is also the Host of KEZW Cruisin’ 1430 Dementia Resilience With Jill Lorentz, which airs Sundays, 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM MST. Jill teaches families and professionals skills, strategies and techniques, which help not only them, but also our friends with diagnosis, to feel understood. This allows everyone to feel less stress so they can enjoy their lives and feel moments of joy more often.