Today many of us rely on the computer in our hand to compute our thoughts. Our memories are precious! Why are we so eager to let our memory fade away? Using our memory to recall phone numbers and email addresses is a thing of the past. If we need to add a sum or calculate a tip we simply find the app and access the information. If we play a cross word puzzle, we don’t buy a book, we play it on an app. If we need a word, we use Words with Friends dictionary to help us play the best choice, we don’t access a hardback resource. Even to read a book, many would prefer an audio book on Kindle.

We have reached a place where I fear we no longer rely on our memory. Our brain is a muscle, just like the rest in our bodies and must be utilized to keep it functioning at a high capacity. We used to hear the slogan, A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste. So true my friends! If you don’t use it, you WILL LOSE IT! When was the last time you punched in a phone number? We are so reliant on our CONTACTS in our phones and computers we rarely do this anymore. When was the last time you typed in an email address? Come on, we know we plug in the first couple of letters, it pops on the screen and we are off and running. Acronyms are the next on the list. Texting has created a culture where we no longer feel we need to type in letters. The ease of this feels good, but what have we done? Little faces now express for us how we feel about something. SIRI, Alexa and friends adjust our lighting, explain definitions and give us anything we want in the way of information. Cool Right???? Well, it depends if you want your brain to turn to mush.

When it comes to our health we would rarely cut corners. I myself rock climbed for over a decade, pushing my physical limits as far as I could. I could climb 5’13’s and had a body fat ratio of 8%. Falling hurt but made me better and stronger. Climbing with no rope above me on a 3000 foot mountain wall made me mentally and physically tough. I learned climbing safety and practiced hard to be the best I could be at my skill. People asked me why I climbed. My answer was always, because I can. Because I love it.

I also love my memories of my life. I love remembering my parents and how awesome, loving and encouraging they were. I love remembering me and my siblings as kids and the fun we had. I love remembering things that were hard in my life because they make me who I am today. I love remembering the vacations I have been on, and the first time I fell in love. I love remembering my 1st photo shoot for Joslin’s department store as a lingerie model and I remember the 1st time I sang in front of a crowd. I remember every gig I have ever played over 25 years and I remember my first time in a recording studio.

I love how many times I have done something and said to myself, I am not sure I can do this. Am I smart enough, can I learn all of this? The 1st time I hosted my radio show with NO PRIOR experience and had to figure out how to do it. I love chasing my dreams, and I will settle for nothing less than achieving them.

Again – Why are we so eager to let our memory fade away? When it’s gone, it’s not coming back. Have you ever felt the fear when you lose your phone or break it? When your computer crashes or is hacked and you realize you haven’t backed things up or don’t have access to your contacts anymore?

Would you be willing to try typing in phone numbers and email address at least 10 times a week? Would you let Siri and Alexa have a vacation for a week so you don’t become dependent on them? Try finding a place you are driving to by recognizing hundred blocks and East/ West configurations. Every city in America has a grid. Learn it.  There is a city center and streets go East, West, North and South from it.

Yes technology is great and fun, but it is stealing our memories. 1 in 3 people under 65 will get Alzheimer’s and 1 in 2 after 82 years of age. Protect your brain, protect your mind! Guard your mental health and care about it as much as we do our waist size, the way we look, how fashionable we are or how great our tan looks.

What are you willing to do to protect your memory? I would like to hear your thoughts, and your favorite memories that you don’t want to lose. Please share by clicking on the heading of the Blog an share with your family and friends.