As we all know, eating right, exercising, staying social and using tools to utilize your memory skills, will keep us feeling fit and healthy. I hope with my entire being that it will also help me to fight off Alzheimer’s Disease, a type of dementia. We have no guarantees  but I feel it is worth the time and effort I put in each and every day. I start each morning with my Le-Vel THRiVE vitamins, probiotic drink (which is delicious) and DFT patch, which is full of additional vitamins and release little minions which will inhabit my body fight for me. Next I throw on my BOOMerang which inspires my competitive nature to walk as much as I can in a day. My personal goal is 10,000 steps which requires me to park as far away from the door of any place I go, and I walk my beloved pup, Kizzie Babizzie, who at ~ soon to be 7~ or 49 in dog years, enjoys immensely. I drink tons of water all day and watch how much and what I eat.

I push my memory by actually dialing phone numbers and typing in email addresses. I play Words with Friends, strangely with people I don’t know:), I work Daily Crossword puzzles, and much to my dismay try to work the Lumosity challenges. I say this because many of the challenges are based on speed, and I find them disheartening at times.

Staying social is also a huge key! My husband and I go to hockey games at the Pepsi Center, and Coors Field to watch MLBaseball. We love to go out to dinner with friends and I love to have a glass of wine with girlfriends; we throw two parties a year, one a summer party where we play acoustic music (our annual Garden Party and Alzheimer’s research fundraiser) and another is our annual “Holiday” party in December. We go to charity events and networking events on a regular basis. Date night each week is a must, and after 19 years of marriage I love him more each day, and we love playing with our grandchildren.

Keeping in touch with my family and friends and making my wishes for the future known are subjects I feel are important. Think about the important things in your life and ask yourself this question. What would you want people to know about you to keep you active and social if you develop memory loss or Alzheimer’s?

Just as important, what are you doing to keep yourself healthy, social and active? What are you doing to push your mind to the best of your ability? I would like to hear your ideas!

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