19063364_sIt seems like a big statement to say to someone who is suffering from dementia related diseases or a family member with someone with PWD (people with dementia).

However, the truth is that the demographics keep growing and growing. One of the highest growing stats is a middle-aged person who simultaneously cares for dependent minor children and aging parent. Or we refer to them as the “sandwich generation caregiver”.

“National surveys have found that 23 percent of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia caregivers lived with children under the age of 18. Other studies have found that sandwich generation caregivers are present in 8 to 13 percent of households in the United States.” (Alzheimer’s Facts & Figures, 2015)

What do you think? What are your questions?

Summit Resilience Training was created for families and professional caregivers who have patients and family with dementia and other associated diseases. Summit offers Dementia coping strategies for Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, and Frontal Temporal through Resilience Training techniques. We teach you how to strategize and develop coping techniques.

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