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March is a month which brings new life to the year. This is a chance for us to bring new understanding to our friends with diagnosis. When someone with dementia makes a mistake, like putting on pants and then putting on their underwear, instead of being frustrated, try thinking about what you can do to help. They are not trying to frustrate you; their brain is not comprehending the order in which to dress. You can help by going into the room with them and helping to choose the clothes for the day and laying out the order in which they are put on. Hand them one item at a time. Your role as husband/wife, friend/caregiver has changed. Accept it and check your judgment at the door. Compassion is the key. If the situation is frustrating, assess your role and attitude before you call it a behavior on the person who is impaired.  


Summit Resilience Training was created for families and professional caregivers who have patients and family with dementia and other associated diseases. Summit offers Dementia coping strategies for Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, and Frontal Temporal through Resilience Training techniques. We teach you how to strategize and develop coping techniques to effectively navigate through the stresses of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s Dementia. Resilience is the ability to adapt to adversity and look for solutions to improve outcomes. These courses are designed to help caregivers and individuals with Alzheimer’s Dementia learn and utilize the best methods to be able to interact with their environments and with any issues caused by health and dementia related behaviors which can produce hardship. In turn, to also create the processes that either promote well-being or protect them against the overwhelming influence of risk factors which could negatively affect their own health as well.

Our Staff

Jill Lorentz’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 58. Jill got to know the disease, its symptoms and challenging behaviors until her mom died, 23 years later at the age of 81. Jill pursued the training to understand and cope with the disease, which ultimately led her into a business of her own.

Our Classes

Our classes offer practical advice and encouragement to manage the stresses of living with dementia. By the end of the instructional hands-on programs, you will discover that your actions can, and will, affect your ability to cope, make good choices, and create positive outcomes for you and the ones you love.

Other Services

Do you need advice on the best practices for setting up your home environment for peace of mind, safety and functionality? Common issues arise like how to handle wandering, help your loved ones find their way around, simplify surroundings for success and identify daily activity preferences.

Learn the best coping techniques to handle the stress of caring for someone with Dementia

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