SRT announces the launching of a new comprehensive training tool for caregivers!

“Comprehensive caregiver training! All caregivers should have this training that honors everyone involved!”


2023 University of Colorado Neurology Classes for Caregivers (Memory & Movement Disorders) Facilitated by Jill Lorentz /SRT – Look here for information and Register

University of Colorado Hospitaland theNeurology Memory Disorders ClinicPresentA Class for Caregivers:Exploring the Brain/Digging Deep into Symptoms & Strategies (this class changes monthly)Provided byJill Lorentz, President of Summit Resilience TrainingThis FREE event is for those who are experiencing or are expecting memory loss in a loved one due to neurologic disease such as Alzheimer’s disease, etc.) […]

SRT & UCH Neurology Memory Disorders Clinic Class for Alz & Memory Loss Caregivers Celebrates Entering 6th Year of Partnership! Register for classes here!

Hello friends and class participants,  The UCH Neurology Memory Disorders Clinic and Summit Resilience Training care deeply about your health, safety and wellbeing, and we are thrilled to provide free classes for caregivers to help you along your journey. Joining the meeting is easy. Once you register below, you will receive the meeting invitation. When […]

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Ways to stay engaged virtually with Disney, Universal, the Zoo, Museums and more!

As the Coronavirus takes over our lives, we have to find ways to have fun while we are sheltering in place. Here are some links to enjoy virtual reality rides and tours at some of our favorite locations! Virtual Disney World – YouTube Virtually experience all of your favorite attractions within an interactive 360º […]


DRwJL- Dr. Huntington Potter – A Candid & Deep Look at Research & Alzheimer’s

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 57:18 — 52.5MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | TuneIn | RSS | More Sept. 7, 2021 – I had a riveting, breaking news conversation with one of the most celebrated researchers in the world. Dr. Huntington Potter is Professor of Neurology, Director of Alzheimer’s Disease Program […]

DRwJL – Therapy and Rehabilitation? What do they entail with dementia?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 52:01 — 47.6MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | TuneIn | RSS | More August 3, 2021 – I get many questions about physical and occupational therapy, as well other alternative options, and people wonder, how do we know if we are using the right one for […]

DRwJL – Early Stage Symptoms of Memory Loss

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 49:23 — 45.2MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | TuneIn | RSS | More How do we know the difference between natural aging memory issues and cognitive loss with a more serious issue of dementia? I will talk about this today and help you navigate the road […]


UCH /SRT Class – 1st Wednesday of every Month 1:30-3:30 Register Here

Topics change monthly and you must register each month for the new class: January – Understanding the brain and various dementia’s February – Rescheduled due to technical issues – Now Feb 23, 2023 Managing Your Own Emotions register at the link below For all the following classes: Click here to register: March – Understanding […]

Friends Support Group – 1st Friday of each month – Click Here to Join

Hi there, You are invited to a Zoom meeting. This is a support group for families with Alz, Lewy Body, Parkinson’s, Vascular and FTD types dementia’s. It is held the 1st Friday of every month. 9-10am.



FB Live Video 2.2.19

Ways to create fun engagement for #caregivernation and our #friendswith diagnosis. I offer dozens of ways to enjoy your time together bring back memories from the past to create simple activities. Find it on my Summit Resilience FB site.

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Summit Resilience Training was created for families and professional caregivers who have patients and family with dementia and other associated diseases. Summit offers Dementia coping strategies for Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, and Frontal Temporal through Resilience Training techniques. We teach you how to strategize and develop coping techniques to effectively navigate through the stresses of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s Dementia. Resilience is the ability to adapt to adversity and look for solutions to improve outcomes. These courses are designed to help caregivers and individuals with Alzheimer’s Dementia learn and utilize the best methods to be able to interact with their environments and with any issues caused by health and dementia related behaviors which can produce hardship. In turn, to also create the processes that either promote well-being or protect them against the overwhelming influence of risk factors which could negatively affect their own health as well.

Our Staff

Jill Lorentz’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 58. Jill got to know the disease, its symptoms and challenging behaviors until her mom died, 23 years later at the age of 81. Jill pursued the training to understand and cope with the disease, which ultimately led her into a business of her own.

Our Classes

Our classes offer practical advice and encouragement to manage the stresses of living with dementia. By the end of the instructional hands-on programs, you will discover that your actions can, and will, affect your ability to cope, make good choices, and create positive outcomes for you and the ones you love.

Other Services

Do you need advice on the best practices for setting up your home environment for peace of mind, safety and functionality? Common issues arise like how to handle wandering, help your loved ones find their way around, simplify surroundings for success and identify daily activity preferences.

Learn the best coping techniques to handle the stress of caring for someone with Dementia